Dec 30, 2011

see you next year

hello world...
hello world...
wake up wake up it's party o'clock
end this year with pray and begin the new year with smiles and hope. to close the end of this year and makes it become more meaningful I would like to say many thanks for all memories, love, hate, bitter memories, the most difficult moments and certainly the best time of the year on 2011. thanks for family, boyfriend, friends, sponsors who have supported me throughout 2011. without you all maybe I'm not going to be like this. today I offer a special shot of the last, may not be a masterpiece but it might be a sweet dessert at the end of the year. theme and concept also not too special, instead of a spontaneous idea that appreciated in a short time.

from straight to curly hair, from 17 to 18, from high school to college student, from single to in a relationship with.. hahahaha oops just a distraction and a joke for the last word. the last one is from zero to hero! me? just a girl who had many shortcomings and will not develop without any encouragement. me? a weak girl full of carelessness and lack of responsibility in work. hopefully I'll fix all the flaws that exist within myself and covered it with an excess which I have. for some reason and i don't know why I like to write at length today hehehehe :p

-photography by : Harry Hartanto E
-edited by : myself
-MUA&wardrobe : Kiki Mayang Sari
*cropped tee - spyderbilt
*ripped legging - gifted by mom
another creation with love...
-photography and edited by : myself

the last one...
my wish for 2012 :
 my parents would always be healthy and blessed
sustenance in abundance
my love will not fade forever
UAS values ​​that satisfy
lasting with boyfriend
 and ....................................
 has no problem with acne hahahahaha
with love,

Dec 26, 2011

Last to Remember

end of the year is not fun without fireworks. spoon is not complete without a fork. milk won't sweet without sugar. my life won't complete without family, boyfriend, friends and all of you who hate or love me. My Super Mom already arrived yesterday on 3.12 p.m! miss her so much. she was enjoying her vacation to Taiwan. vacation is one way to release tired of the job. fruit does not fall far from the tree, it means the same! "my vacation was not complete without shopping and culinary tours," my mom said.

fur jacket & necklace - gift from mom
cream dress - unbranded
shoes - Taqisi 

Dec 25, 2011

My Birthday Memories - 24 December 2011

I said the biggest thanks to my Lord Jesus who has always blessed me until I was already 18 years old. Many of the memories that I have experienced from 17 years ago that would be a lesson for me in the future. And today, when I became 18 years old, I am very grateful with what I have and will never complain for all the deficiencies that exist.
Thanks to my parents&family for the surprise birthday cake, my lovely besties for the mini birthday party, and especially for my boyfriend, not a gift anymore that I want but I would expect that we will intertwine together for the future.
Oh Yes I forgot, my favorite Indonesian fashion blogger Clara Devi H. said Happy Birthday to me, just can't believe one of my million wish for birthday come true :))

My Birthday Cake from My Dad & My Lil' Bro
Mini Birthday Party with My Lovely Besties

Thanks to Jo, Teja, Dian, Clement, Nia, Greatsby, Raika, Celly, Aan Vj, Yoga and Ozan for coming :)

photography by : my self, Harry H
edited by me

A Lot Of Thanks and Merry Christmas People!!! 

Dec 24, 2011

18 Years Old

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older? - someone else :')
Happy Birthday to me...hopefully growing old means all things that I want answered quickly!

a lot of Thanks to my God still blessed me, He blessed me from my childhood until I was as old as this, thank you still give love from parents, boyfriend, family and friends who had never faded!

Dec 18, 2011

too much love to do

i miss my blog damn much! i'm back for my lovely activities blogging, hunting and shopping! i was overwhelmed by the sponsors that have been piling up. A lot of work to do, so i ran out of spare time for blogging. 1 month did not touch the virtual world makes me miss all the new fashion trends a lot! very very very resigned..
thanks to all sponsors who are willing to wait for me to write articles about your shop, I was very happy when you all want to wait for me to publish them one by one. oh yes! have I told you guys that I've been off my stirrup since 3 weeks ago approximately. so glad it was, although not much has changed but I feel now my teeth are more presentable. a lot of plans that will I do for next year, hopefully everything is accomplished, amen.
talking about December, we will find a lot of fun. December is the month that everyone's favorite. December is the last month. December is a month that full of memories and meaning.
there are Christmas, New Year, Mother Day, my brother's birthday and of course my birthday too :)))
That's why I call it a moon full of meaning and memories...
furry scarf - Macao's traditional markets

Brown Knitting Bag - Singapore's Traditional Market

photography - my self

Nov 6, 2011

Pink Lady Ina - Novembreak The Floral Vector

hello guys! meet again with me hahaha
when I'm busy I will not even post anything, but when the holidays? see how diligently I post everything :p

today, my friend and I take some pictures for the PinkLina catalog, the theme is Novembreak The Floral Vector. everything went smoothly with an interesting theme and little classic i think. where the photo shoot take place em... it's a little secret.

Floral Cardi - Pink  | White-Pink Dress - Pink
Floral Jumpsuit - Pink  | Wedges - Beyond
Boots - Bigman

_____the cover_____

soft take

bonus take

how is it? kewl? :3

oh yes I forgot to introduce my friends to you, her name is vanny. she is my best friend since high school. sadly pleased, short of money and the debt we spent together hahahaha #toomuchbeyb. so after the picture taken, we also take a little time to capture the geek moment in that studio :')

crazy? yes! it's us!
see ya another post! x.o.x.o

Nov 5, 2011

Run The Floral One

enjoy my vacation, hunting, take a lot of pictures, mix and match fun day is it? well, do you like to shop? do you like a new stuff in your closet? I think no one who didn't like it. My mother gave me a little present this morning, a red bag with a ribbon in the mid. Happiness taste like world feel more better than before. Thanks to my mom who always support and understood me. There would be no me without her if that contributed to what I do.

Floral Chic's - Dress
Desdonna - Outter Wear - Gray
Red Bag - Gift
Wedges - Beyond - Black

cute right? i think so.
walk in my way. walk in your way. don't interfere the way of life, let it be the way it should be. because no one deserve to be treated un-equally
see ya next post! x.o.x.o

Nov 4, 2011

another fashionblogger hero of Indonesia

hello again bellioners! just wanna leave some information for you guys
it's about Winda Tiodang a 14 years old fashion blogger from INDONESIA, living in SINGAPORE and she will always follow back her followers within 2 hours.

she give you many important information about fashion, check it on
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well, goodluck and see you later!

Spread The Gothic After Hallowen

tufted skirt - jeans republic
lace top - pink

finally blogging!
eventually can also feel the holiday after a long busy activity! phew.
i miss hunting, shopping very much, wish i can spend my limited holiday all done with happiness..
psst...i really can't wait for my bangs to be longer than the present

anyway, did you notice that tufted skirt i'm wearing on the photos below? Well, let's take a closer look to this beautiful newbie.

aha! so i'm in love with the pattern. wish i have another crazy a lot to share! love you guys. x.o.x.o

Oct 28, 2011

october quotes

I don't do fashion, I am fashion - Coco Chanel

wool-in the rainy season

Pink- Wool Sweater
Jeans Pants.
Maroon Sneakers- Gosh

the rainy season has arrived ...
how to still look stylish with the clothing style of the rainy season?
well i'm sorry of my very crazy busy activity in my new place...campus. new friend, new happy life and also new activity in fact. in my opinion, the guy at my college is more fashionable than the female students. why? they thought it was incredible but we think it's tacky and super highly unusual.
t-shirt, scarf, leggings, crocs is their style.
One day, I saw a guy wearing a shirt with a denim and his indian bag! i'm sooooo envy with his indian bag.  That's one of the students that i think is more fashionable than others

oh well today i'm in my mood to do a shoot.
Pink proudly present the wool sweater and the material is very comfortable to wear. available in red, gray and blue color.

haha this is my crazy pose :p

enjoy your day! happy weekend~
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Oct 23, 2011

Edwina Siregar my another Hero!

I wanna say hello to you guys, with this "Ping!!!" quick post. I really busy with my college life now, full of assignments, presentation, really hectic... I'm so sorry if i can't update this blog oftenly, i don't have time to take my outfit photos, i don't have time to blogwalking. I really miss my blogging activity. Maybe i will make an outfit post soon...

Thank you so much for my another hero Edwina Siregar. I think many don't know me, I was wrong. student who now works part time as a fashion consultant in Italy also knew me.

know her more : Edwina's Email

thank you for the interview and hope you will done your thesis perfectly!
Happy Sunday!

Oct 21, 2011


oh my gosh! i miss my blog! really miss it...
lately, I often spend my time on campus, i miss shopping, hunting and blogging also.

this afternoon I did a photoshoot, a product from Osella. just check it out!

i wear my aviator and boots too, yeah! that's my style. not too girly and not too boyish

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