Jul 28, 2011

New User in Chictopia

I'm a new user, i really love that fashion site. i already have 30 chic points, 3 friends and 9 votes :))
don't forget to follow me and be my fans or add me as friends thankyouuu :)

Street Melody - Street Wear

i do love this outfit, why? because this is really my style. simple but insane.
i really in love with that Marilyn Monroe one, i hope i don't do any mistake when i write her name.
The rebel jeans, oh ya, i bought it 1 month ago from Gaudi, Mall Taman Anggrek-Jakarta.

Shocking Pink

actually i have my clothes a little modification. initially flops sleeveless but because I did not use the tape so it looks sleeves. depths of flowers that make an appearance more and more girly. I bought this dress already 3 years ago and the price is also quite expensive-__-

Nerd and Blue♥

I rediscovered the spirit of my picture and also the spirit of my work. This blend is quite unique I think. The blue shirt was the original dress that was rather short, because of confusion would be combined with what, so I mix with a high waist animal print pants.

thanks for Arri Ha as my photographer, I've taken out all the contents of my closet until i have my room really messy and I'm glad the results were good.

I ♥ Indonesia, Congratulation to Indonesia :)

how about my Indonesia outfit? called Batik. I feel very proud when i wear it.
hope you like my outfit too :)

anyway Congratulation to Indonesia in Pra Piala Dunia win 4-3 from turkmenistan
i'm very proud to be Indonesian

Jul 27, 2011

brown skin is more sexy than white skin

the reason why i love her because  her skin is so sexy
also my skin  too. why?
brown is rare! many girl proud with their white skin, but i'm not! i'm proud with my brown skin :)))

Jul 24, 2011

brown hunter

i really in love with my rebel jeans and boots
they are so cool

oh yes that is my new really ugly pony tail :((((

saturday lazy hunting

i forget to bring my camera
so i take the picture with my bold 9000
the quality is not good enough but i think you can see the picture clearly

visiting many shoe shop but i got no one.
huh! i'm too lazy for searching today
i got nothing

so lazy lazy lazy and lazyyyyyyyyy

Jul 22, 2011

Lazy Day with Lazy Girly Outfit

what about my outfit? really lazy huh...
i think it's not 100% good quality picture as good as i share before
because when i think the weather is good for a session but it's not bright enough for my picture
yeaah and i feel little satisfied with it (-___-)"


Jul 1, 2011


new moon new life!
i'm not slim enough to be beautiful, not tall enough and not rich enough.
i just a simple seventeen years old girl.

wanna be like 'em? yes of course! always feel envy with them. the body, face and skin :(
on diet? there's no result from that program. i think i must drink CMP Product. food supplement for one hundred and fifty thousand rupiah.

just let me tell you later if it works ;)