Aug 30, 2011

Awesome bye to August and Hello September!


hello September! August finally ended well, did not feel in 2011 we've had eight months of life. new month = new post!

#septemberwish : hopefully my wish list come true sooner

hopefully on september i have much happiness, lots of money, and fortune.

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1432H
Mohon Maaf Lahir & Batin


Aug 29, 2011

bootie bootie booo

hey beauty! how about your day? fabulous huh? =D
cropped tee! i love this kind of tee, gorgeous!

so today i wearing my awesome cropped tee with my lovely boots and they are becoming a great combo!
about the hat, my father bought it when he had his trip to Thailand ;)
the cowboy hat have a size and i got the M one hehe

my accessories consists of two bracelet and two rings, so go see my awesome pic hehe

cropped tee | leable
denim short | nevada
tights | unbranded
boots | big man
hat | bought from Thailand
sea bracelets | bought from China
love ring | present
fries ring | naughty

here my narcissistic side, my close up photo taken by my self ;p

waw, it's so haha i can't say anything again, i'm just too...well narcissistic i confess :p

taken by : arri ha, my self
edited by : me

enjoy the fashion style, so are you in love with my boots?
it's so expensive and rare i warn you hehe! too long i save my money for this boots and now i have another wish list like canon dslr, a new teddy bear and i just need to buy a new shoes i guess.
have a great day bellioners
good night! :*



night quotes

fashion is not just about clothes but about the willingness and joy - yukiana
Thanks God, I believe in your blessing, thank you for accompanying me all day long. I believe You are always watching over me in all circumstances.
Good Night Beauty! ;)

Aug 28, 2011

my fashion star, guess who? Agyness! Agyness who? Agyness Deyn!!!

someone special for this post is Agyness Deyn. a cropped-haired girl who is not complicated in clothes. always mad and amaze a lot of eyes! all her style is always combined with an unusual outfit and that's why her always look stunning on the streets.

Agyness Deyn featuring Anna Sui product


fashion will never die eventhough they are old

oh it's call Agyness Fever!!!!
love her style so much!
she is my fashion hero
and another one i really want to buy is... this aviator glasses
hope i get this item soon and i will show you later!


Aug 27, 2011

rainbow and black

black tassel fringe tank top that combined with my black tights, cool enough?
I felt the same way =)
I'd find a rainbow carpet seems really pretty yeah, so I wrote accessories that lies above it and the color is combine very well!

long tank top is very useful! can be a mini dress an many other
that color does not die when i add the belt on them
nude color! i really like it

featuring with my white blazer

here my awesome goods

kiss & prawn ring

my vans shoes!

my belt

rainbow carpet, beautiful huh?

black tassel fringe tank top - unbranded
tights - unbranded
white blazer - osmose
belt - bonus
shoes - green vans
bag - malaysian
ring - seoul

taken : timer
edited : me

the model of shoes that i want

wish one day i will have a pair of shoes like this
called peep toe
i love this shoes because it's can cover my big foot

beautiful huh?
hope i can have a pair of them soon :)

Aug 26, 2011

P.A.N.G Give Away!

really glad i know this give away before many others know hehehe
hope i really win this give away, amen!
i love the Disa Skirt! gorgeous~


If you like my black dress from P.A.N.G look on the last post, now is your chance to win some other pieces from P.A.N.G ! There's the IRENE TOP in SEA GREEN and DISA SKIRT in PAPAYA up for grabs ! all you have to do is the following...
1) Follow my blog on BlogLovin
2) Like P.A.N.G on facebook here
3) Leave a comment with your name, the item you want (disa skirt or irene top), and email

1) Follow P.A.N.G on twitter here
2) Visit and tell me what is your favorite piece !
3) Share this giveaway on twitter/facebook/blog with a link to this post :)
ie. "Win a @panglook skirt and top from @glister_blister !"
YOU CAN REPEAT THIS AS MUCH AS YOU WANT to increase the chance of winning :)

please leave a comment for every extra entries :)
make sure to leave your email address you subscribed this blog with, your twitter account, link address of the tweet, blog and facebook entries you submitted

contest closes on 2nd of September. two winners will be drawn from
by : Glisters and Blisters


Aug 25, 2011

damn my face

feel any different side in my face? yeah! it's my really sucks expression;p
enjoy my photos editing!

wearing second stuff that i bought a few months ago
wooden bangles from Lake Toba
Cowboy Hat from Thailand ;)

taken with : timer
edited by : me

mooistemeisje-café et Parlour

there is no harm if it wished
I had promised myself when I was already 19 or 20 years maybe, I should already have my own business
maybe cafe or a boutique, all on my terms and running a successful
the most important thing that I have independently and without interference from parents' money in my business
so today started from my fad idea, i take some photos about my dream cafe-parlour
later, i promise will name it with MooisteMeisje in dutch and it means Gadis Tercantik in Indonesia=)

okay maybe, this is my awesome menu, created by chef Yukiana hahaha...

#First Menu, and i promise to launch this menu later

"de schattige"

okay this is the review

bread with melting ice cream and Sugar-apple sauce
cute right?

how to eat?

cut, mid of the bread with my very cute corn forks and then fill the bread with ice cream or Sugar-apple sauce
the taste will be great, and something you must know is this bread baked very well =)
so you must taste it later if you come to my house or when my cafe is already open!

oh my God, I will not be impatient to wait for my age to 19 or 20 hihihi

the second is

"mooiste thee"

tea with apple taste! this menu is very recommended

i will feel glad when somebody wrote it down!

"thankyou so much! all of them was delicious"

cafe of my dreams is a cafe located in the mall with the feel of a brick in the dining table and a red brick wall and the panhandle of plants, and maybe I'll add a photo of myself near the cash register as a mark of ownership. it is reinforced with glass shades, antique dishes and foods, i really like it!
i can't be more patient for this one!
hope i really open my own cafe, Amin!

all kitchen set : mine
taken and edited : me

"  MooiseMeisje - café et le thé  "

quotes of the day

The difference between style and fashion is quality -  Giorgio Armani quotes

chicwish hongkong drive me crazy

well, as a fashionista, a girl who don't know chicwish was a fake fashionista
everything they sell drove me crazy...oh God
as i wish and hope i have my personal savings book in the bank and then I was able to buy goods from overseas as I want
how long i must be patient in my thirsty desire of the goods
they based on Hongkong, and my mom already visited it, congratulation to her and pity me

that blouse i wish i have and when i checked it today the items was sold out :(
morning at the Manor Top

oh my Godness i love the pattern!

Talk To Tree Retro Engraving Necklace

look like mine
Chic Flower Cocktail Ring
Regular Price : $15.90
now on sale! : $11.90
go! pick it up cocktail ring

so, what do you think about chicwish review?
love it? yes i love them too

and I'm sure one day I could buy one of their goods! I'm sure!!

Aug 24, 2011

China Culture

get something imaginative in the closet?
yes i do
based on the dress maybe i would named it with China Dress um whatever -,-"
i don't know the name was but mom bought it to me when she visited China for the twice, over a year ago
i do love the colour seems bright for me
hope you like it too =)

ow, that ring! i like it so much. so beautiful huh? yeah i know.
i bought it after i got the panda ring one and i will show you later

psst! next photo shoot would be great i think...why?
because the theme is BW or Black&White
this would be another one because of the makeup that i plan and maybe the drees i will wear
just stay on!

Aug 11, 2011


shoot very pretty aren't they?
thanks for Arri Ha :)
wait for my next photo shoot!~