Jun 30, 2011

Hang Out *fix over*

hello blog lovin. long time no post baby
yeah, a good news is..........eng ing eng! i'm passed national selection into public universities exam
now I'm not a pupil anymore, I'm a student in TOURISM DEPARTMENT at Riau University
Riau University is a quite good university, i never tell you before? my hometown is so amazing! but sometimes kinda bored. Near Malaysia and Singapore so the culture are half malay and half singaporian... hihihi

back to the title, today i'm went to SKA Mall and Ciputra Seraya Mall
nothing special, a lot of 'em show interest to our costume.
today i wore a scallops top and rebel jeans, is that look like an alien?
my friend, vanny wore a simple top and high waist skirt and......a black wedges too...
is that something wrong? i guess not!

i'm slightly disappointed with the photo take
when she take my photos  blur..blur...and blur.. not concrete
like this one :(

disappointed huh?

taken at J.CO

never forget to buy this one. feat oreo and longan hmmm yummy

my besties vanny that have a bad sense of photography and camera ;p

just love today thanks for today

Jun 16, 2011

Debbonaire Bess Shop

French Fries Ring

Sleepy Sheepo Ring

Feather Ring

Cammomile Ring

Browny Flower Ring

Leopard Flower Ring (just 2)

Random Ring

Red Monkey Ring
(sold out^^)


Hello We are on Soft Opening Debbonaire Bess Shop
semua baju baju yang akan dijual stocknya terbatas
kita mencoba memadukan atasan dan bawahan keren untuk dijual
why we recommended this SHOP?

*terpercaya, mengapa? modelnya adalah orang yang kalian kenal
bisa tanya langsung/nego langsung tanpa sungkan sungkan
*harganya juga terjangkau
*bisa memberikan saran dan kritik baju yang mungkin anda inginkan kami untuk menjualnya

semoga online shop ini berjalan
re-opening sunday
opening : coming soon

melayani selling in bbm group!
stay until my shop open ;)

wedding particular ha ha ha

wedding's bells are ringing
run out and attend the weds party

Jun 7, 2011


WWWD: Fashion Tips/February

Today, instead of running the same images of the same dresses that everyone else is featuring, we’re going to give you something different—WWWD Tips. We figured that you’ve probably been exposed to enough Oscar dress information already, and, since there were significantly fewer festivities Sunday night (Vanity Fair, we missed you so!), images from the night were underwhelming, to say the least. Having vented our Oscar blahs, we’ll now turn to three looks we love and discuss the kernels of stylistic virtue each one holds.

Pick up a pair of ankle socks to wear with spring shoes
There aren’t many people who can pull together an inspiring look for the airport, but leave it to Chloe Sevigny to whip up something amazing for the LAX gateways. We are particularly fond of her socks, an accessory that had quite a moment at the spring shows. The ankle-hugging hosiery was on display at Anna Sui, Comme des Garcons, Gareth Pugh and Louise Goldin, as the designers showed these small socks paired with booties, platforms and sandals alike. Of all the slim socks offered, we fell hardest for the ones shown on the Burberry runway, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be (apparently they were only made for that show). We’ll console ourselves with a pair from Topshop, their Supersoft Ankle Socks($6) might make us feel better.

Mix boho elements with modern shades and silhouettes
We’ve noticed a bit of bohemian style is starting to creep back into fashion, aided in no small part by a handful of spring collections with a late 60’s/early 70’s vibe. But don’t break out your prairie skirts just yet, because you shouldn’t be channeling Sienna Miller’s style circa 2004. Instead take a cue from Julia Stegner, seen here at a Prada party during New York Fashion Week, and mix a few choice hippie elements (the center part twisted hair, low-slung looped belt) with very of-the-moment lines and hues, like a sleek shift dress in bold color and black tights.

Invest in an oversized blazer
As Daisy Lowe showed us at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan last week, the oversized blazer is the perfect piece of outerwear this season. The combination of 80’s style and menswear-inspired tailoring is thoroughly fresh looking, especially when worn with an otherwise feminine outfit (like the full skirt and body-conscious top Lowe wore). In addition to the blazers we’ve already mentioned, there are still more fantastic options, like the Silk Blazer ($110) from Topshop in silver silk or you can pre-order the Elizabeth and James Boyfriend Blazer from Saks ($395). Don't forget to hit up your local vintage store too, as they're amazing resources for finding oversized blazers on the cheap right now. 

Jun 2, 2011


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