Sep 17, 2011

noir et feu

i'm on diet!
for Indonesia teen CMP is a familiar diet solution
I've tried it, it is true they say, nothing is easy in this world if we underrated something. i think CMP is just plain delicious drink to consumed, it turns out i was wrong, that taste can not be described with words, i was almost in tears to drink it. but i have to keep the spirit. Go yuki...go yuki...just for a week and then you will not drink it anymore :(

hey! how about the red skirt? hot huh? i bought it from Zara.

Seems like everybody's got a price
I wonder how they sleep at night
When the sale comes first and the truth comes second
Just stop for a minute and smile, Price Tag - Jessie J ft B.O.B or Maddi Jane
thanks for visiting, bellioners ;)

Sep 15, 2011

inaugural lecture

i have my inaugural lecture next week...very impatient!
i just bought two new shirts, i love both of them, although both of them are formal clothes but still look cute and fashionable, don't be scare to look old at all =)

because it will be used for long periods of time i bought a branded shirt so as not to shabby and dull.
they are from Osella Outfitters and Kickers, although the shirt was expensive, but the convenience is number one!

see you next post!

Sep 13, 2011

Bow and Army

hey bellioners! miss me? yeah, i know. long time no post. i've done my OMB at my university for a week so that i can't do some photo shoot or just hang out.
today, i re-create an experiment in my new dress sponsored by PINKlina. wow they also have their geek, oldy and 80's era style, soooo vintage x)
PINKlina special in homemade clothing and especially tailored made in their home based!

oh  yes, thank you for sending me funny emails that i will discuss in the next postthere is praise, criticism, inspiration and input from you guys which of course i will receive and fix for the future post.


that geek glasses sponsored by atalia

tawny with bow blouse | PINKlina

green skirt | gift
geek glasses | atalia
big man boots
thanks for reading, good night! God Bless~

Sep 10, 2011

promoting Cotac Shop

long time no write since i have my OMB in my university, a very tired and great event ever in my life, yup! sweet memory never come twice in school life.

okay, special for this post i will promote Aiu Putri's Online Shop
they have a great concept actually and unique style, i've proved it by buying one of their products!

New Arrival for September theme is Edgy Ethnic
Check them out guys! Cotac Shop

i'll show you some pic of them that can make you interested to buy it

see the new arrival? cool right? i think it does!
go visit, view and buy their stuff! i can't wait to see you wearing their stuff


Sep 4, 2011

som en danser

you know the dance game at Funstation or Amazone or Timezone right? yes! I'm in love with that game, rather a kind of addiction maybe hehehe =p
the game can make us become agile and lean if you play it everyday.
 this idea come from my geek brain, found a pair of long socks and try to mix it with my rebel jeans

how is it? trendy huh? or what? hahaha
hard to describe
but it's so me, geek and little boyish

tank | mulberry
boots | big man
long socks | unbranded
french fries ring, kiss and prawn ring
rebel jeans | gaudi
jeans jacket | Revolution and Freedom Jeans (RFJeans)

elegant i rött

well, my followers already 50 and i feel very glad when i saw it, thanks to my lovely followers:*

This blazer i have ever been used before, but i really loved this blazer, it's red and hot!
tried to combine it with my prom dress, so chic! the feather bag is my favorite one, my mom bought it for me when she had a trip to Singapore.

blazer | J Blaz
dress | lady belle
feather bag | bought from Singapore

Sep 3, 2011

square oh square

well, although the square-box model is not popular anymore but I want to wear it again today...
my green vans also accompany me every where i go, just take some picture but i'm dissapointed...a little because of the light isn't enough to brighten the picture

see? my hair! the silly one gonna cut it all! -_-

oh well here the details

green blouse | unbranded
square pants | elfrandza
vintage bag | bought from malaysia
green vans | pino mino
vintage ring | vintage house

Sep 2, 2011

♥my artwork♥

my tools : 8B, 6B, 4B and 2B pencils, maybe next time i should buy 5B!

indeed, i have a lot of hobbies including singing, dancing and drawing. in addition to mastering photography, editing and fashion i'm very proud to be able to draw and my work of drawing ever used for my class outfit.

here my artwork, please enjoy!

how about this one? Bohemian Chic, i called! i love her hair, so fresh =D

the "dream" one, umm i love that pic so much, how about you?
if you want me to draw your imagine character please tell me or contact me to :

thank you so much, see ya later in my next post~
 Good Night♥

Sep 1, 2011

Congrats for bellionducky!

i'm just open my email and guess what i've done!
oh my awesome blog, you rock! hehe
thanks Melinda for your awesome review and congrats to me as The Most Fashionable Girl in Pekanbaru, here my award!

just copied the review fro, BJF, Melinda's Blog
the review :
dari semua yang sudah saya tinjau, mungkin mereka masih pemula tetapi mereka sudah menampilkan sisi fashion mereka yang akan menarik dunia fashion nantinya, dari jumlah followers sementara mungkin Cecilia yang menang tetapi untuk isi blog, saya lebih memilih Yuki karena gadis ini menampilkan berbagai macam baju baju unik yang menarik para pengunjung blognya.
meskipun blognya terkesan baru tapi isi-isinya sudah memuaskan sebagai fashion blogger pemula, dia juga join di site site yang berhubungan dengan fashion seperti chictopia, chicisimo, bloglovin', ataupun fashionlista. Great Job Yuki!

ini adalah salah satu foto yang menurut saya fashion stylenya unik dan memuaskan mata pengunjung.
oke setelah post ini saya akan email blogger yang bersangkutan dan menganugerahkan award, mungkin siapapun bisa buat award tapi ini award dari saya pribadi Award via BJF

for Yuki : Keep stylish and Fashionable
congratulation you've got

i'm actually proud to my self yeaaah! like wanna fly to the sky and don't come back to the earth :p
thanks thanks thanks for the Award!
love yaaaaaa~

read another review about Fashion Blogger here :)

spot me somewhere, featuring gogirl magz


Happy September!