Jul 30, 2012

Happy Monday

This is not an outfit post. Thanks for all of your comments for my couple outfit and your great wishes to us, so happy to read em' all. It's 30th of July! Guess what? Vacation!!!! I've waiting so long for today. FYI I'll go to Medan and spend my 10 amazing days there. Just can't wait to shop a lot, eat more and get some fresh air. This is not my first time to visit Medan but I just too bored with my long holiday in town so I decided to get some holiday out there. Furthermore, Medan is my hometown too. Wish me have a happy wonderful amazing unforgettable holiday!

Got featured with 3 awesome sites, check em' out, *scroll scroll*

First :
check this out! www.jiglys.com and don't forget to shop there too.

Second : 
Interviewed by GoldBuffCaramello here! Talk about fashion and my opinion about newbie. Visit her site and read it.

main photo for the interview post, cute right? ;)
Third :
Cizzyus Connection, a local online shop that based in Pekanbaru, Indonesia have their Sale Edition and asked me as the model. I'm so glad, here some photos about their collection. Don't afraid, Affordable Price I promise because this is their Sale Edition! By the way, besides Sale Edition they have another promotion too, just like shopping with prize and Ramadhan Collection. Check em' out girls, I think you will love it.
Pink Floral Dress just for 75K
Floral Top with Button also just for 75K!!!
Beside clothes, they also sell cute collar just like mine, or wedges maybe if you are a shoesholic? They have a lot of cute wedges and available in many colors. Contact Person : Antonius Manalu/26BBD4E0.

See yaaa on my vacation post!
Happy Monday! <3

Jul 25, 2012

The Story of Us

Today I'm gonna fight for right, cause loving you feels so right. It's a beautiful day! I'm gonna share about someone that I love for a long time ago. Someone that special in my heart. Someone who makes me laugh, always there when I'm sad, my shoulder to cry on, my spirit. And people will say I'm the lucky one? Yes! He's anything but difficult. Sweet Surprise. He makes me feel something about love. If we are near, sometimes we fight for nothing but when we are far and then the misslaria come to makes me sick of missin'. Can you feel the love? 

Well, this is the special post, very very special one, because this post requested by our sponsor House of Tycha.  This is not just my outfit post, but I'm with him. What do you think about our Cute Choco Longsleeve Tee? Cute huh? FYI, This is only partially, if possible I would like to put it all! *scroll* *scroll* and do envy with us! <3

'Y' for Yukiana!
I  ♥ HIM!!!

Couple Tee - House of Tycha // Cream HW Pants - Arya's Boutique // Platform Shiny Oxford Shoes - Bigy Gorjes // Navy Dots Collar - Cizzyus Connection // Gold&Silver Mice Rings - Intemporel Dream by Claire♥ // Gold Flower Ring - Local Accessories Store

From the bottom of my heart I wanna say thanks to my handsome boy, without him there's no couple unforgettable day! Very much thanks to our photographer Sabila Adiputra because our picture taken with a very good angle and quality, all of his hard work and take time for us.


Jul 20, 2012

Orange Oranje

This is the first time I use the orange top, not bad at all. Why I never try to use more orange because I'm afraid orange won't match with my skin color. Another reason why I'm so excited to wore orange is because someone that I like love orange color and because I already bought this top for a long time ago and I never wore it too, so I try to make a post about this orange top and voila! I think orange is not as bad as I think before. By the way, say hello to my new sponsor, have you ever heard about Jiglys? a fashion brand based in Bandung, Indonesia. They have a lot of stunning collection, check it out here. Guess what? I have one from their stunning collection, Plaited Collar NecklaceThe necklace made of alloy, featuring collar shaped design, unique details and plaited design. What are you waiting for? Go visit and shop there! I reiterate you once again, no regret after you have some of their collection, trust me, limited!

here the details, amazing huh?
Plaited Collar Necklace - Jiglys // Mustard Leopard Blazer - Local Boutique, Lady Belle // Orange Top - Chicoshop // Red Wedges - Cizzyus Connection // Bag - Firina

Last...Happy Birthday to my pretty dear, Sherly Wira, my best friend, my another mom, my my my shoulder to cry on and my everything, not easy to build a friendship for 4 years, we've seen as a family and I miss her so bad! 19th not too old, just close to 20 ;p some sneak peek for her, I wore the same top and same necklace but with a few complementary hahahaha I just like to use something on my head and taraaa here's the pic!

Photos by : My Bro


Jul 16, 2012

Forest Fairy

"when victory is in your hand, everything looks complete"
The nature of a forest is the perfect backdrop for the romantics, the mythical, and the nature-loving. Forest provide a gateway of mystery and fantasy.
ciao! come stai? it's mid of July, time just went so fast. I just wait for a month to see my second semester final result and I greeted it with a big smile, the score are balance I got 5A and 5B, you know I just close to the perfect mark. 3.50 from 4.00 now I can breath easier and welcome to vacation! Count down, two weeks to go for my vacation.

TYSM to Nadeline Diandra for the super amazing vintage dress, it's Limited and I feel so lucky can have it.
Shoes - Payless // Bubble Necklace - Macau's Traditional Market // Flower Headband - DIY // French Fries Ring - Debbonairre Shop
see you next post guys!

Photos by : Clement Ananto


Jul 13, 2012

Hey Floral

Hey guys, what are you doing during the holiday? vacation huh? or just stay at home? So boring if you just spent your time at home. Me? have so many many many and many quality time with my bestbestbestfriends, someone I like,hmmm*embarrassed*, and with family. Haaah! I got my ticket to my hometown and I will have my vacation on 30th of July for ten days, don't you think that too interested? Just can't wait!!!
Oh anyway, I will answer some frequently question that comes from my lovely readers, what camera that I use? Nikon D3100, and how tall I am? 164cm for sure :))

Floral identic with summer and here I am wore a pink floral dress from Fashion Park, I don't know but for some reason I like long-sleeved dress. And say hello to my new babies, blue floral shoes comes from Arya's Boutique, I  wanna say thanks to Arya's Boutique because every items that they gave to me always worth to wear. I love the bow by the way haha, so cute. 
Lucky me won IDR 100,000 @shoppicnic shopping voucher from ci Marcella Caroline! Glad to know that :))
some sneak peek with Eby's sister, Greata, pretty huh?
Hat - Talisha // Necklace - Traditional Market // Bracelets - Naughty

Photos by : Teja K P


Jul 5, 2012

Back In Time

It's July already! I would like to share a little sigh, it's about my blog. I don't even care what people say, what people think, what people judge about myself. Me and always be me, if they said I'm imitate, went along, and I won't ever care, this is my life, and I know the higher tree will be increasingly buffeted by the wind. It means, more popular, more famous = more judge, more insult. And once again I said, I DON'T CARE, last post I got 2 bad comments from anonymous, and what I think about this? They just envy'in me, they can be like what I am. Anonymous? just a coward who judged people without daring to show identity. Agree with me? Criticism, would be better if you say something that can make someone more better than before, not judging by the harsh words. Really annoyed me and make me upset. *calm*
By the way, about the outfit, the blazer, my mom designed it for me, very pretty huh? I love the color and it's semi-dress! the long side one is very interesting. Do I look like Dulce Maria's aunt? hahaha call me miss matching because I choose the same color for the shoes and bag, I just like the color and I don't know why.
Shoes-Talisha//Socks-Vintage House//Bag-Ripcurl
a bunch of thanks for the award, it's comes from jiglycious read it here.