Feb 15, 2012

Polka-dots with LOVE

how is your valentine? sweet? memorable? or flat? sooo Happy Valentine's Day all! *even it's late* 
i'm so busy out there, business, prospect and many thing. It's H-4 and then my holiday is over, back to usual activity. For me, today was so wonderful, even though it's not valentine's day like yesterday. Photo shoots, love, friendship and laugh makes me realize how beautiful this world. The good newsI became a model for a promotion. An incredible experience I have gained today, working with a talented model is rare thing I can get. They are beautifulhandsome and very professionalI will display the picture after I get the file laterand you know what? I can not wait to get a copy of the results. About the outfit, because it's valentine so I choose a red polka-dot dress and red cute bag that match with the dress. By the way, i love this boots so much, very comfortable to wear and the model is also unique, pssst at the top of the boots is decorated with feathers.
Red Polka-dot Dress- FBout // Ankle Boots- WJ // Red Bag- Gift from Singapore
details :
Photography by : Harry Hartanto Eka
see you next post! 

Feb 9, 2012

Color Splashes

Life is good I can't complain
I mean I could but no one's listening
Your image overwhelms my brain
Now I'm rolling my window down
I love the wind but I hate the sound
You're like a tattoo that I can't remove
And it feels good, it feels good, it feels good

Hello! I'm back! Yes I'm back with my new post! after 5 days I visited my hometown and greatly missed by all blogging activity, could eventually return to normal activity like today! more photo it means blogging! This time I show a slightly different theme than normal, with no dress, no outer wear, without good shoes or a cute bag. This jumpsuit I got from my aunt, after her vacation from Hawaii and go home with a stack of colorful clothes, they are really eye catchingI can not imagine that Hawaii beach filled with colorful clothes like I got haha. Actually I love the fringe love love love it so much and the color so eye catching too. After I was thinking to match the theme, I finally found what works for this outfit and yap! choose gladiator.
Jumpsuit- Hawaii, Gladiator & Bracelets- Chinatown, Hat- Thai, Necklace- Artistry Swarovski
featuring my friend, Vanny Francisca, wearing Yellow Jumpsuit
details :
bytheway, I haven't told about this camera. This camera is my 10th birthday gift from my fatherstill a manual camera but the quality exceeds Lomo, and I love it so much! See you next post!

Photography by : Harry Hartanto Eka

Feb 3, 2012

Cap Go Meh Invitation

already packing. do not feel today I went too! I was invited to the celebration of cap go meh, yestraditional celebration of chinese people after the Chinese New Year. Of course I can not wait to see it! I just hope there i still be updating my blogI will posting exclusive photos around the cap go meh. Just wait for my return.

Feb 2, 2012

bookworm memories

Wake you up
In the middle of the night to say
I will never walk away again
I'm never gonna leave this bed, oh

I didn't feel almost a year I completed high school. miss all the good times. the rogue, the love, the heartbreak and the ignorance that will not be forgotten. of course for this post I try to find outfit that could remind the high school. yes! outfit that resembles a high school uniform. once when I'm in high school I want to quickly pass, another time when I already graduate I even miss all thing that remains. thank you for all the memories of my dear high school. oh yeah, what about my new layout? the header that I design all night long and finally produced, the results well...nice <3

bigman-boots, minimal-sweater, osella-t-shirt, ethnicgalZ-bag
seems like a bookworm huh?
enjoy your day

Feb 1, 2012


You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls

open a new chapter on February with a new spirit of a remarkable! I've hit the target in January, now I make a new plan and goal for second month. lecturing activity has not run because of a holiday up to 22 February. I use this opportunity to diligently blogging and take photos, I promisepreparing for the next semester, oh yes! Have I told you earlier to the concentration of this semester I majored in hospitalitysteadily I chose this major because here I can learn to be disciplined and remain able to apply my hobby in fashion, does not that true
about the outfit are full of feathers! the jacket given by my mother from Taiwan is very comfortable when worn, and the bag is super cute! Oh yes the last one, the shoes are sooooo lovely, Lace Shoes <3333

Fur Jacket & Bag - mommy, plain top - unbranded, Lace Shoes - MP, handmade headband


photography by : Harry Hartanto Eka
edited by : me