Apr 28, 2012

Heart Like Mine

If there's "esc" in my life, I will skip all bad times that killing me softly. Too much to complaint about. I've  tried to keep my self happy, always on fire, free from sorrow but sometimes they can't be overcome. My life just too short to regret. Of all things I have done, still a lot that can't be done well. Well, thanks for Ms. Gracia as my new MUA, simple as I want and I love her so much because she's soooooooo friendly. Little about the concept, emm.....I don't know, random. Just enjoy the photos!
I love how her makes my hair simple but still lovely, and about the dress, it's my junior high school prom's outfit, still fit yes? haha, it's mean I'm not grow too much! tomorrow, I gonna have my vacation with my friend, wish can be a great vacation! See you next post <3

Apr 25, 2012

I miss. I hate. I'm back

Soon as I step on the scene
I know that they'll be watching me, watching me
I'mma be the hottest in this spot
There ain't no stopping me~

so.....I already leave my blog for a long time ago and for many reason. miss the hell yeah activities around my blog. so how are you? fine? I hope so. should start from where it used to? hmmm so many things that I want to tell you about. I haven't complete my mid exam that's why I can't take my time to do some photo shoot </3. my mood yeah can up and down likes a hell. a lots of homework that lurking me like a ghost. paper, paper, paper!
I want to tell you about all my crazy activities but this page will be not enough I think. Just enjoy the photos...

I found my loose outerwear and I try to mix it with basic tank and it match simply<3

unbranded outerwear//basic tank//mickey pants//payless shoes
my another outfit for today, this outfit Pink Up my day! hahaha I don't know how can I love this color for sure...
Avenue-Cardigan//Basic Tee-Giordano// Lace Pants-Arya's Boutique//Payless-Shoes
and about my fashion show competition, I'm not win but I'm still happy because my best friends came to see me, they support me, they called my name just feels like a celebrity for a while. Thanks to Teja, Clement, Dian, Celly, Greatsby, Asman, Tasya, Pipit, Citra, Rafita, Yuda and kak Bora for came. Glad I have you all guys!
thanks tasya for the capture!
"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." 
- Donna Roberts

Apr 4, 2012

Threetones Dress + Mystery Gift Winners

I had my trip to Malaka, not for a vacation but for my healthy check, I spent day by day at hospital, what a boring moment. Arrived at Sultan Syarif Qasim II on 1.12 pm, I miss my bedroom, miss my gadget, and actually my family! totally miss them a lot. 

Oh! It's April already, I will have a lot of activities, mid, fashion show competition, homework and many more, hope this month goes special as another month that already passed. About the Giveaway, I promise to you all that today I will announce the giveaway winner on April 4th. For the mystery gift, it's Rose Tank from Avenue and Paris Necklace. So cute! are they?

for the Threetones Dress Giveaway, jeng jeng jeeeeeng
congratulation for Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri from this is real and this is me ♥
and for the mystery gift I choose Angelica Hennata from LUCIOLE VIVACE because she give me the best comment, criticism and request!
here they are i instantly stumbled on your blog and immediately follow you.

i really love ur style, so stunning and flawless.. looks really good and inspire :)
anyway because i'm your new followers, i wanna ask you what is bellionducky means? i really thank you if you want to answer my question. and anyway i wanna request about your look, how about masquerade? i think is will very nice :)"

Once again I said Congratulation for the winners, I will contact you two soon!
Thanks for join my giveaway

with love,