May 22, 2012

give me a second

heyyyy my blog readers! I just wanna notify you all that I will take a time, maybe 2 weeks, or maybe more faster than I think. Between 23rd May till 31st, that will be a lot of things that I must do before the deadline, I will miss my blogging activity for sure! By the way, bellionducky will celebrate the 1st year anniversary on May 31st, I just can't believe I already passed a year. Just pray the best for me, so I can finish all as soon as possible and back with a new post, new spirit, fresh passion and don't worry, I will reply all your comments as soon as I can. Some picture, enjoy!
photography by : Austin William
edited by : me
and the good news after this photos session, I already can make up my self better than before, tidy eyebrows, eyelashes with mascara, eyeliner behind, applied fake eyelashes neatly and right lipstick color for sure, soft pink for this session will be great I think. About the headband, pretty, isn't it? I'm look like a latin girl. See you on June!

May 12, 2012

Bridge Burning

4 weeks to go and second semester will be end! phew~ holiday insight! I'm already planning where to go and I just can't wait for! last few weeks I just found new lovely place to shop and yes I do love their product, simple, lovely, and make my hands itch to buy more and more haha, sometimes I feel female was created for shopping, shopping has it's own satisfaction and regret after. Maybe not only need but now shopping is a hobby, I always think after i bought every stuff that I love "for what I bought it all" but I can't find the answer till today. Do you know the answer? Please tell me if you do. 
Top, Pink - First Boutique// Floral Leggings - HK// Necklace - HK// Shoes, Black - Payless