Jun 28, 2012

I am The Captain of My Soul

yeeeeey! today was so so so so soooo great you know? I have my quality time with my best friend (again) and they became my personal photographer for sure. I enjoy my holiday, long holiday. Of course! I will have plenty of time to post more and more. Oh and yes, have you ever heard about Bigy Gorjes? Indonesia Local Brand that has a lot of amazing shoes, Limited Edition and Human-made (no machine in the process). I got mine here, cute-awesome-lovely brown boots! Aaaaah i just can't say anything about this boots, so comfy, they give priority to quality and price according to quality, affordable but not twopenny! Sooo what are you waiting for? grab yours here!
Lace Back Chiffon Shirt-Auburn&Ginger//Pink Lacey Shorts-Arya's Boutique//Brown Boots-Bigy Gorjes//Turkey Feather Kaloong-NassiGorengKeju//Ring-Chicoshopp

heyyyya! I got this stunning blouse from Auburn & Ginger. I'm so in love with the back, and have you seen that Turkey Feather Kaloong? AHA! I got this unique item from nassigorengkeju, they have a lot of unique items and I also in love with their products. Grab Grab Grab yours! Support Local Brand *kisses*

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Jun 23, 2012


well, ciao! I just can scream *YIPPPIEEE* because my final exam already done, and I can take a long breath because the most hardest exam already passed and I got A for the score!!! HEAVEN!!! Welcome to new semester of my college life, now I'm not a junior anymore, I'll get new junior in this year haha *seniorevillaugh*. A day after exam I just spend all of my time to make myself happy, guess what? Hangout from lunch to dinner was sooo awesome and the great quality time I've got! Joke, chit chat getting more glad because my old chairmate in shs was there too, called Jessica, a girl who love pink and need more pink more more pink again, but yesterday she dressed in black. Haven't seen since she lived in Singapore. 

For the outfit, I wear Dark Blue Collar Top from Chicoshopp, Black Hot Pants- Unbranded, Bag- Ripcurl, and Red Stunning Wedges from Cizzyus Connection. Find another color of my wedges there because they have a lot of cute color to pair about. And yes, the accessories I bought from naughty, general accessories store that available in every town. Say hippie to my belt!
and our next trip to the cozy place, highly recommended, Porta Pizzeria, provide a variety menu of pasta, pizza and many more. They have a great location, and large parking area. Don't worry, beside they have a lovely place set in Italia theme, they have an affordable prize too. *scroll scroll*
Honey Squash, too much love for this! 
I choose Alfredo Fetuccine as my dinner.
Napolitana Pizza, yumm!
so? what are you waiting for, visit this cozy place! I just can't wait to go there 'again' soon.

Thanks to our personal photographer : 


Jun 22, 2012

some, holla

fashion rather than how expensive your clothes is, but how you are judged before the public deserves. - Yukiana. 22.06.12

Jun 17, 2012

Black & White

I had my another vacation trip yesterday. I feel sooo fresh to face my second semester final exam now, not too far from my town but I'm so excited to go there and try some challenging games. They are flying fox, paint ball, mounted, and many more. As I heard they have the most higher flying fox in the island and I've tried it. I will post the photos soon. Besides visiting Bukit Naang, I went to Sungai Hijau too, the water are green same as its name. I'm so glad can go there.
Today, I had my another photo shoot with Jose Sepriyadhie. The result..well, awesome! I can't said anything after I saw it. Just enjoy the photos, scroll down! 
I do love the headband I made it my self from the former of my old belt, by the way because of my love to accessories, I wish can open my own accessories shop, on process now, and I just can't wait for it. Wish me luck for my shop and my final exam!

Jun 13, 2012


Now and then I think of when we were together. Like when you said you felt so happy you could die. I told myself that you were right for me. But felt so lonely in your company. But that was love and it's an ache I still remember. You can get addicted to a certain kinda sadness. Like resignation to the end, always the end. So when we found that we could not make sense. Well you said that we would still be friends. But I'll admit that I was glad that it was over. Edelweiss is a forever flower. They never die. Have you ever fallen in love? I think you have. Loving someone not for a first time but for many times, I called it true love. Wish my love for you will never die like edelweiss.
this picture kinda blur, but I still love this angle.
the bestseller Ribbon Necklace from ChicocoutureAcc
See something different with me? Yes! My hair, this is my new hair cut since three days ago. I choose to cut my wavy hair off because they are not good as you think. 
I just love to shop any cute accessories, accessories just like a ribbon for our hair, it beautify our outfit. Agree with me? I love to shop at ChicocoutureAcc, they sell many stunning accessories and I just bought too much from there! Just visit to get some.
Black Ribbon Top-High End // Floral Skirt-Avenue // Shoes-Payless // Firina Bag - Mom's // Peace Ring, Ribbon Necklace - ChicocoutureAcc // Combination Bracelets - Tokyo's Accessories.

Jun 10, 2012

Cizzyus Connection

aaah so long I leave this blog here. Already miss me? yeah me too. I promise not too long leaving my blog and will post more frequently than before. Actually I have many new stuffs to post but I have no time to take  a shoot. I have many new concept to apply but I still have no time. But for this week I have a looooooong holiday, not too long but long enough to take care for my blog. Last project was featured Cizzy Connection, the owner is a boy who put more love for fashion too as I am. I just can't wait for my red wedges from his store, so adorable and I have no idea for not to shop haha. More collection from his store, just enjoy, ah yes I love the hello kitty one, look so korea haha and cute *throw up*
Hello Kitty Dress-Cizzyus Connection//Shoes-Payless
Ready for Summer Dress-Cizzyus Connection
edited by : me
taken by : Antonius Manalu