Sep 23, 2012

Water On My Flame

Finally I completely free from my work. Now I'm back to my normal me. But, thank you very much to KONI Kalsel for this job! An appreciation for me, really. Not too many stories like before. Actually, I already back to my usual activities, yeah, college life. About my outfit, my new found at local boutique and my favorite one till today. Have I tell you about my new love? Got crazy with eyewear and this is another of my lovely, Lady Gaga glasses from chicocouture. Go visit their page and twitter!
without my leather jacket, water on my blame

backless dress
the details:

Leopard Leather Jacket - Arya's Boutique // Backless Water Dress - First Premium Collection // Necklace, Rings and Lady Gaga eyewear - chicocouture // Shoes - Bear House Shoes

thanks for the second Liebster Award from Ayu N. Damayanthi

Here are 11 things about me :
♥ I'm Chinese (I know you will not believe it but that's the reality;p)
♥ Chatolic
♥ I really really like to eat and have a culinary tour even in my own city
♥ Currently studying Hospitality at University of Riau
♥ I was the girl who had the highest and biggest body in the class and the youngest between my bestfriend
♥ I just have one favorite dolls, my froggy momo (that's how I called him)
♥ I'm a bathroom singer
♥ I'm not a k-popers
♥ I'm not a movie freak, I can count how much I turn on the Tv every week
♥ I have one brother, my partner in crime and my personal photographer *evil laugh*
♥ I love my parents, my brother and my boyfriend Clement Ananto!

Answer for Maulita Sabillah's question :

1. who is ur favorite fashion blogger? Brown Platform and Lucedale.
2. who is ur motivator? Mom.
3. what is ur favorite dress color?why? Actually Red and Black, because every girl look sexy in that colors.
4. who is ur favorite singer? I don't have the most but I like Lady Gaga and David Archuleta.
5. Louis Vuitton or Chanel? and tell me why! Louis Vuitton. Rad!
6. where is ur favorite place in ur house? My bedroom, of course.
7. who is one person who always beside you? Clement Ananto.
8 .do u like ice cream?what taste? Absolutely. Vanilla.
9. who is ur favorite desginer?why? Marc Jacobs. Fabulous.
10. who is ur favorite fashion blogger? same question like the first. Still Brown Platform and Lucedale.
11. and the last, choose: shoes, dress, or accesories? Shoes.

Answer for Ayu N. Damayanthi's question :
1. How much you love your mom? A lot!
2. Why you love your hometown? Because I was born there (silly answer;p)
3. Shoes or Skirt/pants? Shoes.
4. If you can choose, where you will spend your whole life? Paris.
5. What is love for you? Abstract thing.
6. One song that you feel like describe yourself? I haven't found it. But RnB is soooo me!
7. Forever 21 or Topshop? Forever 21.
8. Being a buyer or seller? Buyer.

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have a nice weekend, happy sunday!
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photo credit : Clement Ananto
edited by me


Sep 14, 2012

I Play da' Colors

Finally! I can back to my normal activity. Blogging, shopping, hang out, take some photo and many more. I miss my normal me. Actually my working contract has not end yet. Need a few days more to get out from my busy day. Although burdened with duties and responsibility, I still love my new job. Met with the governors of each province and key officials are a great honor for me. By the way, about PON 2012, I will show you the photos, I feel so fortunate, I can watch the opening ceremony live, not from the television! Here the link. Click Click!
Me featured here and another award comes from Maulita Sabillah-IS IT BECAUSE IM SEXY? here. Bunch of thanks!
About the outfit, have you ever heard about Sacs Et Chaussures? my new sponsor, based on Surabaya, Indonesia. They sell many girl stuffs just like clothes, accessories, cosmetic, lens and many more. I love this shop. I got my collar tip top here. Visit the fanpage here to take a look for their stuffs. I'm pretty sure you will like it! Anyway, am I too late for this amazing eyewear collection from RIOTOUS BySEM? Haha I got crazy for this one, say hello to Elana Brown, kisses! 
Collar Tip Top - Sacs Et Chaussures // Bag - Celine // Shorts - Topshop // Eyewear - RIOTOUS BySEM // Flower Ring - Chico shop

Edited by me.

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Live from Main Stadium, Pekanbaru-Riau, Indonesia. Lucky I bring my camera that day.

Opening Ceremony with Fireworks
My boyfie with my partners
Me and Andri, my partner too.
Melayu Traditional Dance feat. Paskibraka
Live performance Judika!
Amazing lighting!
Photos by : Yuki Lusiana Eka

Sep 1, 2012 – The Solution for Your Online Shopping!

All girls like to shop. Not just a girl even a woman too. Beautify themselves and collect new garments from favorite fashion brand will be the main cast. As a fashion blogger, online shopping is not a new thing for the community. Now I want to introduce you all about the first Online Shopping Portal in Indonesia. It’s Dskon. Have you ever heard about it? I guess you have. These Online Stores are numbers of Online Stores that can be found in Indonesia, selling not only different product categories but also services, starting from Fashion, Electronics, Culinary, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Sports, Automotive, Kids and Baby, and lastly Travel. And I will talk about their fashion stores. All shopping wishes fulfilled more faster because Dskon has the most favorite online store that fashion blogger love just like Romwe, Berry Benka, Auburn&Ginger and many more. Click here to know more. 

Moreover, as a part of its commitment in bringing up fresh infos around online fashion, sales, new shops and the most trendy clothes, also owns its very own blog, in which every online shop customer can read articles about reviews on various fashion products and brand, tips and trick on mixing-n-matching different fashion items, latest updates on sales around the city, and of course many other articles that would be very useful and relevant to the needs of an online shopper.

If you love to read articles about fashion, Dskon is a right choice. Get the latest information about fashion there! I'm pretty sure you will love it. You will not miss anything about the latest trend, trust me!
Fall 2012 Trend: Peplum 

 that's all my review about Dskon. Hope you will like and enjoy it. Maybe this review will be useful for all my lovely reader

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