Oct 27, 2012


Shine bright like a diamond.
You’re a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy- Diamonds, Rihanna.

I charged my energy to full and here I am, feel so new. Miss me? I hope. By the way happy national blogger day. Is that just for Indonesia? Maybe. My twitter full of mention and just like I celebrate my birthday today haha.Thank you for all wishes for my bellionducky, I read it all. I think every bloggers, especially for fashion blogger really celebrate a big day like today. 

May I tell you about the story behind Cayleecious_ID? My new store. Almost a month I open that shop, I already fell the ups and downs of being a seller. But besides that, there are my parents, my super boyfriend, my friend that always give me support. Thankssss for my kind of perfect ({}).

My campus life, what the hell I must say? Super busy! As busy as a president. From usual activities to the extra-ordinary activities one? I do. I do it all. Preparation for the internship next semester was very complicated this time. My head is going to explode. And now I have my long weekend, I feel so blessed and I don't wanna end this weekend soon. Please?

Black Sunflower Dress, Women Reddish Ring, Pleated RB necklace - Cayleecious_ID // Head Piece - Cizzyus Connection // Purple Wedges - Bearhouse Shoes

See you next post! Happy Long Weekend!
and Happy Eid Adha 1433H for who celebrate it. (:

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Oct 14, 2012

Mario Bros

I don't wanna talk about my busy activities and my lack post again. I'm just too tired to find my happy time. Okay, about the outfit do you remember Mario Bros? children's favorite game when I was a kid. A character who love to wore red and blue in his outfit! Great colors combination I think and I wore those colors too! Voilaaa, I love them! My another shoes collection from Bigy Gorjes. I love to shop there because they have what I want. All of my shoes from Bigy Gorjes is my personal request.
Cayleecious_ID is my super first shop, was born from my silly idea with my boyfriend. Super fast agreement from my parents too and ta-da! Cayleecious_ID already born as your favorite shopping place. You can find skirt, pants, dress, accessories and many more here but not just for girl, Cayleecious_ID available for boy too, tee, shirt, pants, go find here! visit our twitter here, and facebook fanpage here.

Blue Crop Tee and Ring - Sacs Et Chaussures // Pants - Chiccoshop // Shoes - Bigy Gorjes // Eyewear - Cayleecious_ID // Bag - Minicol

FYI: For eyewear holic, Cayleecious_ID has new limited eyewear collection for next month!
Stay close to us and happy shopping!
See you next post! Happy Sunday(: 

photo credits : Clement Ananto.

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Oct 11, 2012


ads banner, Cayleecious_ID girl

sooooo long time no post! I'm sorry, trapped in a lot of campus 'life' activities. Okay I will not wasting a lot of my time, ups I mean, our time. For Indonesian Fashion Bloggers and Shoppaholic say hi to Cayleecious_ID!!! This is my big project that I've planned for aaaaaa long so long long time! My own shop! Actually, this is my big project with my boy friend. Not just selling for a girl but also for a boy. Kindly follow our twitter for 10% discount : @cayleecious_ID and like our fanpage for 10% discount for second purchase. Free shipping cost for Pekanbaru. For this time we have not been able to ship abroad. Thankyou and happy shopping girls!
BB PIN : 30EFBB0D/0823-9039-1208

*pssst! we are looking for fashion bloggers who are willing to be sponsored by us! Contact us : cayleeciousid@yahoo.com (Ms. Caylee Amora) if you are interesting!<3

see you in my next outfit post featuring Cayleecious_ID!