Jan 24, 2013

Hear Me Roar

Short Holiday! Yap before my internship. I really enjoy my short holiday, prepare for Chinese new year, valentine day, boyfriend's birthday and all for the great February. Just can't wait. By the way about my internship, I already accepted at five stars hotel, Aryaduta Pekanbaru as front liner or maybe back office, well I don't even know for sure, but the main thing is, I already accepted and will work for 5 months, start from February 20th. All new experience will begin. And please...wish me luck!♥ :))
Outfit & Lady Gaga Eyewear by Chicoshop // Accessories, belt - Cayleecious_ID // Clutch - Vintage Room // Loafersv - Adorable Project

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Jan 13, 2013

Meet The Emerald

I've finished my third semester and just have a little holiday while I wait for my final exam result. One step complete and there's another step that yet to come, 4th semester is about Internship, I will have my internship time start from 18th of February till 1st June. Yes, it's long-term internship at Five Stars Hotel. Aaaand I'm not ready enough, because it so close to Chinese New Year and I'm celebrate it, deal with all my internship requisite certainly stole all my holiday time. Submission of letter, interview, medical test and many more. Hope I can enjoy my internship and do the best for the perfect result. Wish me luck.
 Simple thing that I love. Studded Emerald Crop - Chicoshop // Polka Clutch - Berry Benka // Arm Candy - Greentelee // Vintage Watch & Basic Loafers - Cayleecious_id // Bowler Hat - SACS ET CHAUSSURES
This is my very first time have an outfit post with red lipstick, not too red but pretty enough for beginner. Haha. By the way, my shop Cayleecious_id always give many surprise, gift, for all my costumers, and congratulation to Deniathly from This is real and This is me, who won this Editor's Pick and get this Basic Loafers just like mine. This shoes is the most that I always wore nowadays.
Thankyou for Angelica Hennata from LUCIOLE VIVACE for choose me as 5 bloggers that inspired a lot. Thank you very much for the artwork I truly appreciate it, and you can request yours too just send your email to : plumangelique@yahoo.com and visit her page to see another awesome design!

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Jan 5, 2013

Me & 2013

Time flies too fast. Here I am with my new vision. I opened my old note that not been resolved on 2012. Burning some passion, made me realize that the reality which is in front of me was very different. I need to change. I celebrated my 19th birthday on December 2012, it's mean not a month yet. I feel so grateful to be given a long life, health and sustenance. Improve my self to be more better and remove the mistakes of the past are the things that I want to do now. They said "There is time for everything", yeah it's right, don't waste your time because life only once and very briefly. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts", bad and worst words will cause karma. Just like a boomerang, it will back to you. Tell me "What stopping you" right now! "Put your heart, mind and soul into your smallest acts. This is the secret of success" do by your heart not listening to your heart, sometimes it's wrong. "Finish what you started", you do like you want, time flies, if you get bored, choose stop it or finish it. Proverb says When your car run out the gas, do not replace it with new car, but fill the tank again with fresh gasolin. I love this sentence a lot! It works even in school life, work or even in relationship. "Breath it all in. Love it all out" another cool sentence and I can't describe it in my words, can you? and the last, the sweetest one "Small thing become great when done with love", the smallest thing feel so meaningful and beautiful when done with love even you don't like it more, that's the point.
Some arts & inspiration photographs, I found them and I feel so calm nowadays. So I write this silly inspiration post maybe. Hopefully entertained.
I've started 2013 with smile, spirit and happiness and I don't wanna make this new year worst. I just can't wait for every beautiful moments that I will have in 2013. See you next post, I promise will be more outfit post and inspirational post (like this one?haha) with great taste of photography. And hey what do you think about my new background and header? More feminine and fresh huh? I hope YES! :))
This is about me and my new vision in 2013, what about yours?

~.Good Night and Happy Weekend.~

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credits to : August Empress

Jan 1, 2013

Pretty Hello

Leave the past but remember the best. 
Recall the joy in previous year. 
Arrange annual resolution and reach your dream! 
Happy New Year 2013!!!
Forgive all my mistakes in 2012 and I always try to be more better more and more more better! So hwalah! Here my wish list for January 2013 :
I'm so in love with red, maroon, burgundy, velvet and all of that vintage thing. Yeah maybe I will shop more red color and full up my closet with that pretty color.
for a year I've been inspired by million fashionista, especially for the local blogger, they are awesome, rebels, gorgeous, any word can't describe how proud I know they are Indonesian! Leave a little sparkles wherever you go! That's my favorite words
thankyou for all my followers and readers who always support me and remind me to keep blogging! I love you all <3

by the way I found this! She/he said that I'm Sonia Eryka's copycat, am I? please tell me if I do :))
for me, better I'm copying Anastasia Siantar or Claradevi style then copying Sonia Eryka, I like her style but I like them both. So thankyou for the comment that you give, but you report to wrong person. Later, comment by your name, so I know why and which style that I copying her. Don't be a chicken! Thankyou.