Nov 28, 2014


"So many shoes and only two feet."

One is never over or undressed with a little black and white. Enjoy every little things that you have because style is ageless. Talking about the latest trend Fall/Winter 2014 will going with protect and survive is this season's motto. The urban retro and wool pack are ready to wear to complete your winter weather. If my country has 4 seasons as well and then my wardrobe will full of knitted sweater and coat, I guess. Match up with leather boots and walk down the snow.

Last week of November, God I'm definitely glad! December is so close and as the last month of the year, it's means 2014 will end soon. There are Christmas tree, Santa hat, gifts and new year stuffs to buy. Talking about end of the year, reviewing all that we have planned and what we have achieved by the end of this year and next will be a resolution for the better coming year. I gave B for my self because from 10, I already complete 7 challenges that I have made. Hope this year will be a reference for future lessons and make ourselves more and more mature. How about yours?

I will make a giveaway session on my next post, stay close!

Top - Marks & Spencer // Shorts - Zara // Shoes - Isabel Marant // Hat - Factorie

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Nov 13, 2014

Killing Time

"It’s not just the celebs and red carpet stars that use personal stylists."

I mostly answer something about style that I choose, I need an hour or maybe a day to answer it because I just dress the way I love, I'm not that kind of vintage, hipster, girly or whatever they called it because I dress them all. Because fashion is not complicated. Just dress what you want and have a deal with your shoes. 

Kinda different from the last post, this is more boyish than usual. Tryin' my new pair of ripped pants from Upperrack. They have a lot of ripped pants that to die for. This is my first pair and maybe will have my next pair.

Anyway, I haven't told you anything about my current job right now, as you know I'm not living in my current town until next year. So here it is, I'm working at one of the best city hotel in Batam, pssst! you will found me at Restaurant on weekend and watching welcome dance from us. And blogging will be my sweet escape if I feel bored with my daily activity. So many pretty places to go, to visit, to know in this city and I don't wanna miss anything as long as I'm here. The happiest things are...Batam and Bintan are close and they have a lot of beach to visit. *otw prepare bikini and summer dress;p*

Here some tips that I've found from pro about new fashion blogger. Don’t underestimate the knowledge you’ll need, as you said if you are a blogger, you need to immerse yourself in current trends but also look back over the decades and learn about the history of fashion so you can set today’s looks in context and have the knowledge from which to draw inspiration.

Ripped Pants - UPPERRACK // Shoes - Vans

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Nov 9, 2014


"because there's nothing more beautiful than the way ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away."

Went to Mirota Beach for a while and had so much fun, I wish I can stay forever. Clear ocean with beautiful and charming coral reef, such a great view to forget about your busy life out there. I just can't realize the water will turns blue in the morning, very blue (because I arrived on noon) and yes tomorrow morning when I saw the ocean , from 8-9 am they are very pretty in blue and back to clear on noon when the low tide. This is my outfit during my short trip holiday, enjoy! 
My favorite part of this beach is they have multitalented, creative and friendly staffs. See! The dining room is so adorable and I live in a cute condo but unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that.

Dress - Forever 21 // Short - Topshop // Shoes - Chicotienda // Hat - Factorie

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