Jan 28, 2015

Beauty Has No Limit

Do you ever heard this quotes before? “When In Doubt Wear Red." Just like that, when sun burning your skin use Marina Body Essence SPF 30 to save your whole skin! I lived in a city with 30◦C-31◦C everyday if rain not coming. It means I need extra protection of my skin. As I know Pekanbaru is an oil city they called, we lived above oil so that’s why my city has a very pungent heat. If you are under sun exposure at least for 30 minutes without jacket or umbrella you will feel your skin burning and it takes a week or more to get back to your normal skin tone. I often use Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 with Yogurt and Sunflower Essence Hand & Body Lotion before, but the newest Marina Body Essence one with SPF 30 and 10x White Yogurt Boost will be the best pick to face the extreme weather. Marina Body Essence UV White Extra SPF 30, which contains 30 times to protect the skin from UV B damage causes sunburn, actinic keratosis, and skin cancer. The content of PA ++ in it had 4-8 levels times more to protect the skin from dangerous UVA rays that can cause darkening of the skin, skin damage, and black spots. While Vitamin B3 and E make the skin look more white.

It’s not just about how to still look pretty even your daily activities will always under sun rays, talking about to be a fashion blogger is not easy to get one good photo, a lot of things sacrificed to make a good post. We are willing to burn our skin and allow it to dry just to get the best photos. Sometimes we forget to take care of our skin and give them nutrients to still look good for the next outfit post, I admit it. And I’m glad, Marina will always be the best answer for my damaged skin.

Beside of my daily activity which is always under sun rays, my hobbies take place too. How Marina Body Essence deliver tangible results whiter our skin and dark dull not return? Beach and Big Motorcycle Touring are my current favorite nowadays. Did you notice how long we will burn the skin when we are under the beach sun? Banana boat, snorkeling, diving, sunbathe, lying if you do not do all that thing when you're at the beach. I also do the same, not even hesitate to wear such skimpy bikini and mini dress that make us looks all out. When the sweat comes, sometimes our body lotion faded, it’s amazing how Marina always keep the skin moist though we were sweating, it’s not a big problem even though we always do outdoor activities. Dealing with harmful sun rays is not a problem anymore since Marina Body Essence always keeps my skin stay smooth, healthy and glowing.

Not only that, I trust Marina Body Essence as my protective shield against my skin, Motorcycle Touring across the province that I have ever done spent 10 hours traveling above motorcycle and did not break my spirit to advance until the destination because I knew Marina always be my mainstay when my skin began to feel dry. After 10 hours of riding I’m sure that I always want my skin look bright and shining right. Counting as much as I can, maybe ten times I've did the Motorcycle Touring passes through the dusty streets and transportation pollution but my skin always stays supple, always look light and dull skin never come back! Their soft scent will always be my favorite. So many variants available so you can choose the fragrance that you like most and thank you Marina for your awesome products, girls you should try and you will never regret!

Greeting from my eldest hero Marina UV White SPF 15! (Left)

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Jan 27, 2015

Direct Action : Make Up & OOTD

Hello! So this is my very first post in 2015. Good news is about I've finished my internship very well done. This is my last year in college so I'll do my best for my final session. I have a month holiday to spend and here is my daily activities to share. As you know I've lost 5 kg weight during my internship, well it's a good news and my pants size turning 27 miraculously from 30, guess how about my tee or my dress size? From L to S/XS, what a body to die for! It's my dream body, I've wait for a long time to have a body like this. Sorry about compliment my self too much, believe me it's just happy feeling to share.

As a fashion blogger I don't deny that makeup is important to support the beauty of the photograph. Although a bit but we have to know what basic makeup is. How that we do not overdone makeup and how to make us look more attractive in photo. I learned a lot from beauty class I've attend in some places. Although it's free, at least will add a bit of knowledge that we have not had before.

Guys don't you notice there is a video blog? Yes! I'll try to make it alive. 
Some stuffs that I got from my sponsors to collaborate :
House Of Fleur : Naked 2 Urban Decay, Naked 2 Eyeliner, Naked 3 Eyebrow Pencil & Bruch
Silver Swan Lash Surabaya : Silver Swan Lash 090 Zemire & Silver Swan Lash 020 Lillifee
(I'll explain one by one below)
I've tried my best about how my make up look like. I'm not that kind girl who always wear heavy make up and make my self look like a clown. I'm just put on my eyeliner ready, red lipstick and I'm done. As you know I'm not a beauty blogger so I can't make a make up tutorial (maybe someday I'll try), so I just show the result in the end and I hope you will enjoy it.

House Of Fleur present a high quality replica cosmetic based in Jakarta, ID. My favorite is their Naked 2 Urban Decay eye shadow colors, Half Baked, Pistol and Blackout are most favorite! It's easy to apply and the color is not too flashy. The eyeliner and eyebrow pencil complete my look. About my eyebrow, I haven't dared to take any action to cut it or tidy up, because I know there will be a dependency to shave my eyebrows. I think it's not good.

I've told you many times that I'm not good in doing make up thing especially for the eye lashes, I think using fake eyelashes will look like a clown or even a sissy, I was wrong, I was not expecting to be that easy to apply. According to my previous experience using eyelash from another brand, I need to cut the lashes so they will not look excessive. But Silver Swan Lash has different side, their eyelashes look very natural stick in our eyelids. 020 Lillifee is my favorite to dress up and go to campus, and 090 Zemire will match my dinner dress or any formal hangout. And now I will not be afraid to look like a clown when I wear fake eyelashes. Good progress isn't it?

Eye Make Up : Half Baked + Blackout, Naked 2 Eyeliner, Naked 3 Eyebrow Pencil & Bruch
Lashes :  Silver Swan Lash 090 Zemire

Enjoy the review and the video!
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