Mar 21, 2015

Precious Print

This is the special edition one from my March post, I like this outfit very much. I've been waiting two years to wear this one set outfit because of my size, the crop tee doesn't fit my body well last year and that is my one happiest reason because I've lost a lot of weight when the internship takes place. See? My very new bob hair? Omg I just felt a few years younger. Like a toddler who was very happy to find a new toy that had been lost. I think I would look odd because accustomed to long hair, it turns out very well not too disappointing. Sometimes we have to dare to try something new, I guess.

Sometimes I can think  a day of what we will be discussed in this blog, which is not just an outfit and photos. Perhaps there should be something that is meaningful to learn every week. Sometimes I lose direction. Are you get bored with just reading or what should be done so the blog is not that boring. Reader's feeling is the most important thing to think about. 

By the way my outfit video just out! Only a short one, but I think it's kinda cute. Sorry I still can't add a reason why I choose that outfit because the weather was not supporting us. Lately, rains often due to forest fires, so the government makes an initiative to create artificial rain so that the city will not covered by smoke again. Enjoy the video!

One Set Outfit - Chlorin Cloth // Eyewear - Vonzia by Yvonne // Bag - Kittensrack

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Mar 15, 2015

Peach Sugar

"What other people think of me is none of my business, sometime it hurts my feelings but I have to  just keep going - Lana Del Rey" 

Correct, sometimes the words of people who do not know us can be very hurtful. Is not hypocritical, sometimes we also like to talk about other people, and so did they. There is always a reason behind the things we do. People often ask me why my campus outfit, my photos and my activity outfit will be so different, this is the most asked question I'm swear, let me tell you, first, I'm majoring in hospitality, I can't let my hair dye like a hell yeah just like another blogger did, did something like nail art or tattoo and dress like what I like because my campus already had a rules to be obeyed. Sometimes yes, my hair turns green, purple, brown or nutella or whatever that I've did is only during my holiday trip so that's why will be a significant difference between my real me at campus and my photo, another reason based on campus, every monday and thursday I must wear a uniform and then tuesday, wednesday and friday I can wear whatever I want, very simple, very logical, are you going to wear hipster in campus? Wake up! this is Indonesia, I'm not majoring in fashion design at all and my campus mostly dominated by Muslims so what can I do? Still dress like a whore?

So please, if you do not understand what happened then don't talk a lot. I think adjusting to dress like a chameleon better than people who always want to dress amazingly awesome but does not match with the place and situation. As I said, you are going to college or going to the mall?

Anyway, I'm going to make another vlog, just like an outfit video, what I'm gonna dress and why I choose that outfit, what is the brand and anything that I can said on the vlog, This is will be my first time and I feel so excited about it and hope for a positive respond from you all my reader guys. I think it's kinda boring to read a text every single post so I decided to made a little modification to my blog just like beauty post is now live on my blog. Just a simple click and you are done.

This is just a quick post from my Saturday hangout, dress feminine for a day won't kill my vibes. Oh ya ya, I hangout to some new place in my town and here some review about it. Ochado is the brand new dessert shop, the drinks menu was quite good just same like another bubble tea but I prefer dingtea so much, the place are smoke-free I like it but they must add another menu just like snacks or cake because will too boring if they only sell drinks. Another one goes to BBQ every saturday nite at Alpha Hotel, you know I'm an all-you-can-eat food hunter so I decide to choose Alpha Hotel for our saturday night and have a high expectation for their BBQ dinner menu, but was not as good as I think. The buffet has no much choice, only fried rice, beehon and vegetable, and the most painful thing from the dinner is that BBQ I thought it was a steak but hell no only a few of satay and sausage *crying* not worth for my idr 50.000.
Jumpsuit - First // Shoes - Cotton On // Bag - Mango

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Mar 12, 2015

Razzle Dazzle

Baby, finished? You gotta kidding me. You know how to dress well, huh?
Definitely, Yes! I don't forget how to dress up, bitches you know that world spin around every second and you need to learn to be more awesome day by day.

I think I'm not the only one who ever felt this annoyed feeling, all fashion bloggers did. When your friends think that your clothes are the way too excessive and complaint when we said it's totally awesome when we wore it. Not only friends, your boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, neighbors, manager or family ever did. Surely we will feel annoyed when we are well preparing our outfit and they scoffed at what we wear. Yes, one question, do you live in place that when we wear something different all people will look at you with eyes full of questions? Yes I'am. I don't quite understand why, maybe my city it's a little left behind in the fashion world? but I don't think so. Only just too want to meddle in the affairs of others, I guess, or they can't be like ourselves.

What makes someone dressed in certain way? What makes they choose what they wear? Consequently, why do people dress up at all?  I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not. If I felt it was the best then I will wear whatever people's opinions. But we still have the limits, wear what we would not violate existing rules, still on the track just a little improvisation to look more attractive. I believe people who are on that way it is a person who never tired of finding new things to dive. Good if we respect which become people's decision.

I listened to Fifth Harmony's songs last few days, it is a good thing because their song contains a fun lyrics and they have a distinctive sound each to be maintained. My favorite is the Christmas song one and Me & My Girls. Finally I'm back from hell. Because it is too long to leave the blog world I feel confuse to find what I'm going to wear for my first outfit shoot in 2015. I planned to have a photo shoot from last 5 days but you know that paper circumstances do not permit. It took a lot of strength to leave. 

Another good news came from my very new and fresh bedroom layout, re-do by my one and only ca. Talking about bedroom is where my inspiration come, my mini studio, my heaven and my working office at all. Maybe will be a room tour one day (I hope), painted with soft pink color, lately added up new shelf beside my bed, I forget what the name was when the salesman said last time, bought a new long mirror, you know, the mirror in my room looks like in the salon right now because it can be seen from the front and rear. My nail polish shelf, sunnies, bags and hats hanger are on process. And here I am with the rebel for the first outfit post in 2015. It's glad to be home again! Yeah.

Top - H&M // Skirt - Topshop // Outerwear - Zara // Shoes - Chicotienda // Necklace - Lupita Handmade

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Beauty Review Pt. 1 - Silky Girl's Velvet

And here they are my new program for this blog! 

-Make Up/Beauty Review-

Okay, this is my first post about beauty product, my first experience, please understand, for the first time, may be a better for the future.
Even I'm not a pro but I will always try to learn more about daily make up, because outfit and make up can't be separated. My boyfriend said it's an important thing to learn because you are a woman, glad I have him! Haha
Lately, I kinda addicted to lipstick just like NYX, Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Ladiva, Melted, Wet & Wild Megalast also Lime Crime but I heard some bad news about Lime Crime and their CEO. So, my auntie (make up enthusiast but not a MUA) told me if I want to know what is the different between good and standard product I must try the standard first and then the good or premium one.

So, my first guinea pig felt to Silky Girl products. I think this product is relatively inexpensive and affordable, as well as having the colors of velvet which is now the trend. But poor me, because too lazy to walk out for hunting straight to the location so I decided to do some online shopping for the lipstick. This is my first tips for all of my reader, do not buy online for lipstick product because the lipstick color and the real product can be very different. My first picture of their lipstick is 09 Sugar Plum, from the website that I see the actual color of this lipstick is purple but the real come with dark pink, in fact I've felt strange since the caption shown PLUM but purple on their display, so I guess maybe it's just only the wrong caption and ta-daa the result is wrong color display! The second one is 04 Apricot, I really like this color because it is very natural, initially I thought it would be very pale when I use it, but the result is very good. Third, 03 Berry, error display again because I ordered the solid red color but that comes in pink look like a peach. Since this is my first time so I don't wanna to be fooled again and convince myself not to buy a product like this lazy and go directly to the counter.

(+) : The lipsticks are cheap and worth to buy if you don't want to buy the expensive one, cost idr 22.000-50.000.
(+) Suitable for events at night.
(+) The 09 Sugar Plum is pretty for outfit shoot, had a firm and charming color.
(-) : Different color shown, it's glossy. I prefer a matte lipstick.
(-) : Not very long lasting based on glossy material.
(-) : A slight itching on the lips.(Me)

Next on the beauty page, Wet & Wild Megalast Lipstick Review!
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Mar 7, 2015

Hello It's March

Many wise people said that success will not come without effort. When we do it half-heartedly. Besides ourselves we need others who can encourage us to be more successful. As social beings, of course. And I'm sure I will not be able to come this far without your help my blog reader friends.

Someone sent me an email this evening about my blog, she was disappointed because I'm not keep updating my blogpost. I am very grateful because there is someone who wants to remind me about my fault and for the better future about my blog. 
Well, I will describe some reason what happen to me recently, and here we go..
First, I was stuck in a thesis dilemma, this is my last semester, it's very disgusting and classic I know. But, this thesis things really really kill my time, my happiness. Second, back to the first one and all back to the first one. Perfect.

It's all about do not have a quality time to take a shoot and hunting some new clothes or blogwalking from blog to blog. I think I'm getting older quickly if I'm dealing with a lot of paper, oh my God that's really not my thing. I know myself inside and outside, I will admit that I hate doing things that are associated with school, school is just a place for me to make friends and have fun, so avoid sanctimonious. I do apologize to all of my lazy habit, I really do not mean that. I really feel thankful because you all still care to my blog. 

To make my blog readers happy, then I will make some new programs that will probably be happy to do (I hope). After take a look and find inspiration, may first I would say HippieYAAY to my blog because my blog will reach 5 years and still counting this May. So many changes over the past 5 years, wow is not a short time to remain consistent in this blog world. Back to my new program, I will announce that will be a special giveaway, new content of my blog, new layout and many more. Behind it, possible persistence to consistently much more important I think. Haha

Okay I'm not going to talk more and give promise that I will not keep. Thank you especially for Ms. Kartika Millenia who sent me email this evening, you've woke me up from deterioration and purge my blog from the cobwebs that have been piling up like this.

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-see you next post-