Dec 31, 2016


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys. Today is the last day of December. Today is the day we can count down together and wish for better new year. Are you excited for 2017 guys? Hold on! Before we talk about wishes around 2017. I'm more excited to talk about this ALTHEA KOREA Holiday Beauty Box. Glitz & Glimmer box or Kotak Berkilau. What I got? Let's roll!
1. ABBAMART Brown Smoky Pallete
Basic shade with a little bit glitter, oh I love this one. Especially the brown one.
 2. AMOK : Premium Eye Glow
I got Pegasus EG321 & Altair EG364
Must have item, easy to apply yet stunning even beginner can finish their make up like professionals. And this is the very first Liquid Shadow that can spin. Zero damage guarantee when shipping.
3. ARITAUM : Magic Contouring Highlighter Glam 02
This is my favorite sooooo far. My cheeks look super shiny and glam. One simple tip and done. 
4. HOLIKA HOLIKA : Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner Pink Topaz 
This eyeliner shine bright like a pearls. Waterproof and soft apply.
 5. RiRe : PIGMENT
I got Snow White, Gold Cluth and Peachy Peachy. This is super pigmented. Very suitable for your special occassion like birthday, christmas and new year.
6. ABBAMART : White Base Shadow Brush
7. INNISFREE : Self Nail Jewel Stiker April Diamond
This box really worth to wait. Yes to die for. It was under 1 million after 79% discount. IDR 363.000 shipping directly from Seoul.
Enjoy the 17% OFF to by using HAPPY 2017 code.
This is my final look for NEW YEAR 2017 just using ABBAMART Smoky Pallete and Brush, A little bit Altair Touch and Magic Contouring finishing.
Oh anyway, I just want to thank CLOZETTE INDONESIA for such a great opportunity around 2016. Maybe I'm a little bit too late to realize. Short story, I was joined on Clozette as an Ambassador since November 2015. It's more than a year now. Something keep me busy till July 2016, my social beats still low and then I decided to take more serious action as an Ambassador. I got so many Korea stuffs to review. I had many new friends in Clozette Ambassador group. We share, we talk, but unfortunately I can't meet them. They also have so many gathering and meet up to attend but I can't make it because of where I live. But that's okay. Still, I have soooo many great experience being a Clozette Ambassador. Like, so many expensive stuffs that I got first for free and before sold out of course. Thank you so very very thank you. For God sake I'm truly blessed. Here some stuffs that I remember I got from Clozette as an Ambassador. Hope can envy you much because this blog job really made my year. Not as much as the other, because I'm afraid I can't make it on time.

Once again Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my blog Reader!
Ready for 6th year of my blog!
Goodbye 2016, thankyou for your sweet memories. Super Hello 2017 can't wait for another surprises.
I'm sorry that my post not as much as 2011 but I promise to do more better. 2017 Wishlist on next post! Stay tune.

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Dec 11, 2016


Hello! As I promised before, I will blog often this month. Here's my second blogpost. Today I will talking about Blogger's Dilemma. 

For fashion blogger, it's not only about writing on the blog. We need a fashion picture, a fashion description and fashion taste of course. Your blog will talking about your fashion style in your own way. Your fashion opinion, what's in and what's out. So, what is the Dilemma to become a fashion blogger? 

1. Parents Thought
Some of their parents are open to internet, some of them aren't. For those who knows internet and social media like instagram, youtube, etc it's easier for us to mention that we are a blogger. We do blog. For what blog? Fashion. They can access our blog through internet and know what we are doing for blogging. For those who are not? It's kinda weird. This thing also happening to me for the first time I decided to become blogger. You dressed well, put on make up, hunting for places and do some photo shoot for what? Hobby. Sometimes they are agree, sometimes they aren't. Because they think it's waste your school time. With the rapid development and widely known bloggers, they gradually understand.

2. Blogging Content These Day
Since this blogging thing well known by instagram user. Blogger take more place in fashion industry. Like, so many promotion done by blogger, product review even content writer, attending fashion week and many more. So, if you wanna be a fashion blogger these day, it's not only about fashion and blog. Blogger must have multiple skill. Blogger nowadays are traveling, beauty and fashion. You don't want to make your blog dull don't you if you stick to the old rules. You will attract more readers and known by many other if you have that 3 things on your blog. Not forget to mention, you need to have a lot of saving to pursue them. Money for new outfit, money for hangout place, money to buy make up and money for traveling. 

3. Hatred
Haters gonna hate. Have you ever heard or even experience this kind of words? Oh my God that's her! How can she looks so good in photo but not in person? I mean like, you and your photos are not the same if they saw you in person. First, that's called Photogenic, bitch. I do have acne, I have big thigh and shank, I have tanned skin and not too skinny body. We are pretty in our imperfection. Sometimes they call me fat and I just gonna yell this thing to them. Sorry maybe you are mistaken I'm not fat but I'm fit. I do have abdominal muscles if you don't know and I think fat girl doesn't has one. My weight and height suit me perfectly. For the skin tone? I was born tanned and if my skin look more light in photo and you know that's because of direct sunlight, huh? Beside of that imperfection I'm proud of another parts of my body and glad that I have it. So, stop spreading hate.

4. Time Management
Blogging takes times. Need more that an hour to write down some articles. This is the hardest part of become a blogger. You want it full time or half time? If you choose full time one day the result of your hard working will come back to you. Me? I'm half time now because I have a real job to do. 

That's all I think. Beside of that dilemma, I have a great experience being a blogger. Some I never thought I will do it, now I know how it feels. Don't forget tomorrow is 12.12 HARBOLNAS, great time to do online shopping because sale is everywhereeeeeee. Oh my hair getting more longer, should I cut it off?

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Dec 2, 2016


Hello from the other side! Hello, Hi, welcome back to my blog. Yaas! December is here. Month full of love and happiness. So, like what I said on my instagram post before that I will blog more often special for December. We will talking about a lot of stuffs. I promise it's about life, wishlist, goals and many other things. So, for the first, I decided to talk about my December Wishlist.

Yea, you know, girl has a lot of stuff to do. They have their head to toe to feed about. And of course they have a lot of thing to buy. From what their need till what their "want" and continue to be "need'. I know you understand. So, are you curious enough? What I need, what I'm gonna do, what is my plan about for December? Go read them!

My things to buy :
I hope I can buy it all and not feeling broke, because I know how hard saving my money is and I still have my vacation plan going on. Damn it.
The good news is, I add the picture too so, maybe you will lose your control as I am. It's not that pricey but there is a lot of this stuff so it's cause broke in 1 month. I'm kinda addicted to furry things and velvet, so that's why my wishlist will full of that item. I've bought one of my furry collection, my little monster from UGLY. I hope my boyfriend read this and decided to bought it for me. *Shame* haha
1. Zalora Oversized Fur - IDR 349.000
2. TLTSN Trolls Boldly Pink - IDR 199.000
3. The Stupkid Pink Faux Fur Backpack - IDR 291.200
4. Sony Alpha A6000 - IDR 7.999.900
Oh and I saw a lot of velvet dress on my instagram, leather jacket and boho shoes too, I can't give the brand name because it's local. 

To-do List :
1. Ombre my hair to Platinum Grey
Notice my hair getting longer and longer? I need to cut if off (again) and dye those boring thing on my head, after resign from my current job I mean. There is no Chef with silver hair huh? Please tell me which one do you think suits me more? Left or right?

I wish I can fill all my not really need, needs. It's cost more than 9mio. Not gonna lie, I need new camera too, as my old one getting more old and heavy, cuz everybody with their mirrorless nowadays. That camera keep me accompany for 6 years now, thanks to Nikon and I'm looking out for something new like Sony Alpha A6000. It's has 24 MP badass. Since my old one only have 16MP and my iphone have the same megapixel like my camera. Oh my.

By the way, that's all about my wishlist and to-do list. Before I forgot, my stripes tee was from POSHCHIC.CLOTHING go visit their instagram for sure. Enjoy!


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Nov 19, 2016


In the middle of November already, seems near to the end of November. Near to the end of 2016 too. December will come soon. Sorry, I've been busy lately. Preparing for something big next year. I hope everything will run smoothly till the big day. I'm not talking about wedding. I'm so not and I don't plan to get married in the early 20s. Am I? 22? I guess it's a yes haha. I'm not refusing this thing, but I'm not ready yet, maybe in the middle or late 20s? Who cares? Success is the most important thing nowadays before get married. I promise my self to not livin in the poor. So, I'm working hard to pursue it. Of course, I need holidays I put a (s)! A long looooooong holiday. Soon, next year. This year dedicated to work.

It's almost a year. Throw back to the first day training for Sushi Chef position the one and only female in the kitchen, offered for an executive and today I'm on the top of my career for this restaurant. My position well good enough for me but what's work means without saving penny? The every single sweat of yours. This is the hardest part of being adult. Where we can't spend a lot of money without thinking of what or why. Need or not. Enough of work chit-chat. I'm sure planning on our next vacation trip that worth to wait.

By the way, this is not an endorsement page. This is what fashion blog supposed to be. Passionate. Without any sponsorship of what you wore on your body. It's about taste and fashion post just yet. Enjoy.
Shout out for my personal photographer. I love you!

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Oct 31, 2016


Hi guys! Last day of October, it's means Halloween! Happy Halloween for you all. Have fun with your friends or love one tonight! Trick or treat? Give me something sweet to eat. Haha

Anyway, because I'm doing nothing tonight so I decided to write a post about Halloween Makeup Ideas. If your timeline full of scary look, no, I'm not gonna do the same. I just think, how about still looking pretty in your Halloween night? It doesn't hurt anybody tho. If you notice your timeline, most of them will about Joker or Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Well, it's totally hits and pretty in the same way. I do agree. 

So, this post will talking about easy-medium-hard Halloween make up that I've made last few days and I decided to post it on Halloween day. If talking about scary looks, it's easy for me to say you don't need any make up skill to do your make up. But how about pretty look? You will find the answer below!


This look doesn't need pro skill to make them pretty. Just a little bit drawing on your face. Because I said that this is the easiest one so I will explain the beauty tools that I used to make this look. This look just need 10 minutes done. All you have to do first, not pick up your foundation. But, your cushion. BB Cream + foundation in 1 tool. Easy right? Tap tap on your face and then continue with loose powder to set them all. Then, all you need are matte eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipkit. That's all. Start drawing the nose first and after your face is set then you continue with the mustache. Last, wear out your bunny bandana. Finish! This is my favorite one, pretty yet simple and also not scary at all!


It's hard for me to pick which one is the medium makeup ideas one, because all of them are so hard to do. We need patient and a little complete makeup set to make this look. But, don't worry I kept it simple because I'm not a MUA and I don't have much tools to make any make up ideas. So, I'm using my foundation this time first to cover my acne scars and then start drawing my face with green because it's fairy. I also do highlight to make my face more dramatic. Oh this look doesn't need fake lashes, but the first one did. I love when the green meets gold. Sooo dramatic! That gold lips really to die for! Don't forget your flower crown. Fairy remember?


Who said the one with white dress was nice? You don't even know there is a demon hide. This look, well I can say this is the hardest one because we need glue, beads and a lot glitter. If you are going for a feminine look, I suggest you this one. Still playing with gold but with beads. Oh! This look is just killin me. Test my patience a lot. But all you need is dramatic costume for halloween. You need white eyeliner, glitter and lashes. This is the complete set. Need time, but I'm pretty great with the result. The glitter really take your halloween look to the next level. Trust me, it's all about glitter on your eyes. Rock them wih white dress and there you go! Mythical Maiden.
I'm sorry if this Halloween Ideas still not good enough for you, I'm not a MUA too. I can't do a lot hair do because my hair still short and I using all beauty kits that I have. I hope you enjoy it. Have a great night and can't wait to watching timeline tonight with a lot of inspirational post. Have a nice day all. Here the list that you will probably ask about my beauty kit on this post :

Mustache - Eyeliner // Maybelline Matte Eyeliner
Gold Lips - Kylie Birthday Edition Gold Lord Matte Metal Kit
Blue Lips - LA Girl Matte Lipstick + Gold Lord
Other that that I'm using the same stuff like usual people did

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Oct 28, 2016

Calmly Pastel

Raining season just coming. It's a time for some warm clothes. Time for parka and bomber to shine. But not for me, parka and bomber is so yesterday. That trends already happening last year. And to mention that I'm not too free as before, that now I have a job and I can't wear what I want to express my self. It's office by the way and it's kitchen for sure.

Thanks God It's Friday. Little free time through my busy week. Soon the weekend will come, just can't wait to spend more time with blogging thing. H-3 Halloween will come, what do you want to do? Party? Hang out or girls time? Oh can't wait to see my timeline will full of Halloween celebration. I'm kinda miss my free time as a student when all I need to think was study or project, and I can spend my weekend hang out with friends and family or the love one. Not for now, they are too busy to diggin' for gold for our future life. Yes in my soon to be 23 years old, it's not the time to play along or being lazy because we don't want to face the truth that we can't play too much as we want. 

This is my 9th month of working. I'm not gonna say that I like my job. This is not in my life goals list. They really are not. Everyone hates their bosses so I am. We need to try a lot of new things in life when we are still young enough to taste so many great experience in life. I just remember, when I had some interview about "what you gonna do in the next 5 years?" And my answer is, I will on the backstage styling for the model and their catwalk. Really? For God sake it's not gonna happen. We are just too young and too naive. Sometimes I'm sad to face that what I want, what I need to do for my next age and life will not gonna happen. It's change my life goals, the entire goals if you want to know. I'm not longer into fashion so much, because I know, they are useless to try. I heard that about 1000 ways to Rome but still, it's too far away to reach. It's not me that not want to try but where I live, where I belongs it's make me realize that there is no way, I need another goals to pursue. I'm still blogging but I don't have a big hope for what I want, I just enjoy blogging and be a blogger especially for fashion. Oh not forget to mention, this clutch is from @wearmeoutclutch.

Necklace - Saturday Label

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Oct 23, 2016


Hai! Welcome back to my blog. How's your day? It's Sunday by the way. H-8 Halloween 2016. Have you prepare something to celebrate halloween day? Maybe party or just night out with costume will not kill anyone. Me? Oh well, I'm not prepare anything because it's a weekday. It might be very busy. 

Anyway, I just cleared my closet and I need to rearranging my closet back to make them look tidy. I put my old and new clothes in a different rack and I found a looooot of tumblr tee inside my closet. Almost all of them are black. For God sake. And I just got the new one from WEARMEOUT.SHOP. Tumblr tee is a right choice when you are too tired to thinking of something to wear. They are simple, comfy and always right. 

Easy to combine. Your A line skirt? Rebel jeans, high waist pants even midi skirt or flare skirt. Oh they are simple and great in the same way. Add some leather jacket, bomber or even denim jacket and they gonna slay your look a whole day. But I suggest you not to wear those complete outfit that I told you before when sun is very high. Well, I have no idea. 

This time I'm wearing my tumblr tee with bell bottom. Kinda 60's. Not hard to find in your momma's closet. I decided to pair them and comes out cool I think. Got this super rebel tumblr tee in 3 pcs for only 96.000 IDR. Oh my, what can you miss? I leave you the link below. I know you will like it!

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