Aug 28, 2017

SOLUSI Organic Renewage By Martha Tilaar

Hello, welcome back to my blog. Few weeks ago I got a package from Sociolla. It's a Solusi Organic Renewage by Martha Tilaar. The first green legit Indonesia product that worth some great opinion. the product range of Sariayu Solutions Organic Revolution Renewage contains organic natural ingredients that have been certified by ECOCERT, an organic certification body established in 1991 in France and internationally recognized. ECOCERT is responsible for examining and certifying natural and organic products including cosmetics in 80 countries. 

Sariayu Solutions Revolution Renewage product range does not use chemicals that can harm the body. Sariayu Organic Revolution Solution Renewage is a natural remedy for beautiful skin care.
Solusi Face Cleanser - Rp 250.000,-
First product that we used after a whole day activities, this face cleanser contain grape seeds and licorice extract. I love the packaging of this product not just one but whole, since they had a green one than means go green and earth at all. The cleanser is creamy like milky cleanser and I'm sooo love  because they are easy to apply. Simple massage on your face and use cotton to rub the dirt.
Solusi Face Wash - Rp 148.500,-
The one that I loveeee so much. I know this is an anti aging product not an acne care product but it suits me pretty well. I love the organic scent and the smooth finish. It's a little bit different if I can compare it with my acne cleans from doctor.

Solusi Face Toner - Rp 230.000,-
The face toner just look like the face cleanser. For faces with large pores like meine, this product will be perfect for cleansing 1 more time before I apply my next skin care. No alcohol, the toner does not give a sensation of pain like another toner.
Solusi Moisture Lotion - Rp 250.000,- 
Simple way to have your face covered without hesitation of dirt. Basically when I have my lotion done, I have a "safe" sensation when I apply my makeup. I feel like okay now I can go out. I'm not "naked" anymore. Easily absorbed.
Solusi Night Cream - Rp 300.000,-
Your night bestie! I can't say that I love the packaging but why almost all of my night cream just the same like this. I prefer the tube one. It's suits oily skin perfectly.

Overall I love this product especially the face wash and lotion, OH-SO-YES to repurchase!
SOLUTION Organic Renewage is 99.5% natural origin, 17.5% organic, vegan, no paraben, no mineral oil, no animal testing, environmentally friendly & certainly HALAL. Got this on SociollaAnyway, if you want to shop Sociolla, don't forget to use my code SBNLARC4 to get Rp 50.000,- off discount with minimal purchase Rp 250.000

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Jun 6, 2017


Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow. I'm so happy to received this box from Sociolla. This is my second beauty box that I've got. I can't called my self a make up junkie, but I do love make up especially eye make up and lip. I'm not trimming my eyebrow often but sometimes I did. And when I'm not I really need a super great eyebrow lacquer to cover the mess of my eyebrow. Lucky me I got not only one but two shades of eyebrow lacquer from Polka Beauty. I got Moonwalk and Rockabilly. Moonwalk has neutral grey shade that suit much to my eyebrow when I apply it for my daily activity and Rockabilly the neutral brown that I love when I wear it on evening. I love the formula, I love the neat result because their gave us the brush to make them more perfect. Oh don't forget to apply them on your eyelid to make a matte shade look and complete your whole look.
Just the perfect eyebrow that I love. Not to thick and still messy. Perfect eyebrow + lip lacquer = live! What do you need if you already have a good look for your daily routine. You don't need to much make up to make your day. You just need matte lipstick and longlast eyebrow tint. I super love Banjo, soft yet natural lip shade for many occasion. I'm sorry I can't make it neat because I don't have mirror in my office and this is the great challenge using a front camera to apply lipstick. Oh lucky it's quite neat. Thankyou Polka Beauty, Sociolla and Beauty Journal!xx
Anyway, if you want to shop Sociolla, don't forget to use my code SBNLARC4 to get Rp 50.000,- off discount with minimal purchase Rp 250.000

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Mar 24, 2017


Happy 2nd Anniversary Sociolla! This March is full of Joy. A lot of great deals available for beauty junkie! Check out Sociolla's page here for any new promotion that you can get. Check out your favorite product, maybe on sale, you don't want to miss it huh?

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Discount product! Anyone with me? Who's do not love discount? Half price? Promotion or whatever it calls. Enjoy the Beauty Revamp, it's time to have a new make up product! Up to 60% all items. For you who love BLP, THEY ARE ON SALE!!! Save 20% valid till 31 March 2017. Beauty Revamp promotion link : BEAUTY REVAMP

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Mar 21, 2017


Happy 5th Anniversary for Lazada! Thank you Lazada & Iconreel for trusting me as one of your Influencer. By the way, I got Citra Natural White UV lotion, Ponds Acne Solution Facial Foam and Ponds White Beauty Daily Cream for free! All of these stuffs was sponsored by Unilever Women – Citra. I got t-shirt and tote bag too from Lazada and this is my second time to collect Lazada’s Icon, The Lion, now I have two. This things will be my next Oscar and show how many times I work with them for their special occasions.
I’m very happy to receive this #KejutanLazada. Check Lazada now to get the anniversary promotion. A lot of good deals there. This promotion will start from 21-23 March 2017! Don’t miss any.

Lazada 5th Anniversary Promotion : 
My favorite deals? Megatronic Sale & Daniel Wellington watches is now start from 800k!

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Mar 1, 2017


Halo! Welcome to my blog. 
Post ini pertama kalinya aku menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia di blogku. Khusus travel post aku akan menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia supaya gampang kalau nanti menjadi panduan teman-teman yang mau traveling khususnya di Indonesia. Kalau kamu follow instagramku pasti tau dong kalau aku lagi Birthday Trip ke Bali. Bukan aku yang lagi ulang tahun, tapi pacarku Clement Ananto. Psst! Yang ke 24 tahun. OMG so damn old! 

Traveling kali ini berbeda dengan yang aku lakukan biasanya. Aku dan Clement nyobain traveling gaya Backpacker. Nggak sepenuhnya Backpacker sih karena kami masih menggunakan koper bukan backpack. You know blogger so well lah. Okay, langsung aja ya!
Trip ini semi backpacker karena apa? Penginapan kitanya lumayan murah tapi transportasi tetep mahal. Sebenarnya kamu bisa gampang banget nemuin penginapan yang murah di Bali khususnya daerah Legian atau Kuta. Kamu bisa cari di situs booking hotel yang sekarang sudah banyak banget di internet. Untuk penginapan, disarankan booking via internet ketimbang beli offline, karena harganya bisa beda jauh banget. Nah, untuk penginapan sayang juga kan kalau kamu perginya seharian ke spot-spot wisata tapi bayar kamarnya mahal tapi kamarnya cuma dianggurin. Kecuali kamu emang mau ke Bali untuk nikmatin fasilitas hotelnya, itu baru cocok kalau pilih penginapan bintang 4 ke atas. Kalau akunya sih lebih baik cari penginapan yang nyaman dan bersih dengan harga yang nggak mahal-mahal banget. Still, aku nyarinya yang ada kolam renang dan dekat dengan pantai. By the way, pengurusan tiket pesawatku dari Pekanbaru-Bali itu diurus oleh FRESH INDONESIA. Thankyou, such a great service dan available kapan aja dibutuhkan, bebas tanya-tanya sampai bingung mau nanyain apa lagi. Untuk kepentingan tour atau tiket pesawat yang murah kamu bisa langsung cek FRESHINDONESIA.
Next, trip aku dan Clement ke Gili itu diurus oleh The Way of Bali atau Balinesia Travel Indonesia. Untuk ke Gili Trawangan sekarang nggak perlu naik feri berjam-jam. Cukup 90 menit dengan Fast Boat kamu bisa nyampe ke Gili Trawangan. Tersedia 2 jenis fast boat di pelabuhan Padang Bai yaitu Eka Jaya dan Semaya Fast Boat. Karena aku ordernya di The Way of Bali, aku langsung dapet free shuttle service dari hotel ke pelabuhan dan sebaliknya. Jaraknya lumayan lho, kalau naik taksi mungkin udah Rp 300K belum include tiket Fast Boatnya. Sedangkan kalau order di The Way of Bali, kisaran Rp 500-550K/pax tergantung fast boat yang kamu pilih. Selama perjalanan di Bali, aku juga pakai driver dari The Way of Bali untuk mengunjungi tempat-tempat wisata yang ada di Bali. So recommended! Selama di Bali aku mampir hampir ke semua destinasi wisatanya dan juga Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Tempat yang paling aku suka ya di Gili Trawangan! Keliling pulau naik sepeda seharian penuh di pulau yang nggak ada kendaraan bermotornya dan banyak banget bule cakepnya, whoa such a heaven.

Akomodasiku selama di Bali & Rated by me :
1.       Vilarisi Hotel Legian ** - ACnya Panas, kelebihannya punya Family Room. Yang bikin kurang betah, pas mau check-out mendadak ada extra person charge tanpa penambahan extra bed. Without breakfast. What the? (Rp 450K/night)
2.       Mango Trees Homestay Gili Trawangan **** - Bersih, nyaman, ada jaring nyamuk supaya terhindar dari nyamuk ganas, dekat dengan pusat kota Gili dan Pelabuhan. Without breakfast. (Rp 250K/night) Kalau kamu nginap disini dan pengen sewa sepeda, harganya jadi Rp 40K/sepeda yang harusnya Rp 50K/sepeda kalau di jalan besar.
3.       Sayang Maha Mertha Hotel Legian **** - Kamarnya bagus, bersih, ada bathub & shower, dekat dengan pusat perbelanjaan di Legian. Poppies Lane 1 & 2 dengan berjalan kaki 10 menit atau 5 menit naik motor. Minusnya hanya ketika masuk ke kamar hotel jadi susah signal. Di area lobby dan teras kamar signal wifinya lumayan kuat. With breakfast! Recommended! (Deluxe – Rp 280K/night)


Khusus untuk watersport aku post di postingan selanjutnya ya! Spesial edition untuk Bali Watersport di Sweet Escape to Bali Part 2. Wait for it!

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Feb 9, 2017


My new mermaid hair is so damn gorgeous! Done by Mas Anung himself from Flattoper Salon. After I cut my hair before CNY, I told him that I want to dye my hair to grey or ash blue. Then he suggest me to ash blue because he think my skin will not suitable with total grey color, it will be more pretty if I combine it to some color. Having a bright hair color, he asked me if I dare with this or not, I said I was born ready! Flattoper Salon was located at Jalan Rokan Ujung no. 6, this is my second time coloring my hair with them. The first time when I colored it brown. It takes 4 hours to be done. I suggest you to came earlier to have a great result, they will be focusing on you and gave you the best treat. 

Having a great hair done is not always about going to "famous", "expensive", "popular" salon. I know, if you ask someone, where to go if you want to color your hair in Pekanbaru? They will suggest you to IP, D, M&S Salon, and many popular salon in Pekanbaru. Coloring is about trusting the Salon. Price comes with great service, great result, caring employee not with popular. Sometimes, the famous one can't gave us their best treat. Sometimes they are underestimated guest. The more richer you are the more they care about your hair. Correct me if I'm wrong. Flattoper Salon is the one where I came when I need hair coloring, but if I just want to cut my hair off like the last time I always go to Necis Salon, because the stylist is the one that I trust since I was in elementary school and I always satisfied with the result.

Overall, I love my new hair color. You should try! I'm just thinking what's is my next hair color. This is so addictive but too long to be done. By the way, I'm preparing my stuffs for BALI to celebrate my Mom's and Clement's birthday! H-6. YAAAY! Hello Vacation and dark skin!

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Jan 27, 2017


Hello! H-1 to Chinese New Year, YAY! Do you celebrate it? Sure I am. What's your preparation for your very big family gathering? Go to salon, buying new clothes or shop for some groceries. 

I'm pretty sure that most of you already cut or dye your hair or maybe go for manicure or pedicure. Today, I'm gonna share about my eyelash extension with Kartika Xu, which is my newly meet friend from latest photoshoot with Maria Stella. She was a very talented Make Up Artist that I've known so far. (Note : Make up & Hair do). Luckily she was great in extension too. So, this post is not an endorsement post but I write this because I'm very satisfied with the result.

Eyelash extension is one of many way that women do to ease the daily makeup routine. Because with eyelash extensions, we no longer need to apply mascara or use false eyelash to highlight the beauty of the eyes. I choose Macy Premium Flat Lash size 12 (C/0.20x12mm), I hope I have a great lashes like Kylie has so, I choose the longer lashes one. 3 hours needed for both eyes. Nice and neat result, I super love it. For 3 hours, her service was totally great. You can choose the shortest size if you want, like 10 and 11. Normally, eyelash extensions can last between one or two months of usage. Depends on how our daily habits to take care of. 

The results of her extension was very comfortable and didn't make the eyelid itching or irritation. It's because the extension are attached to the original eyelashes not on the eyelids, So, my lashes will not interfere with the eyelid, not heavy, and do not damage the original eyelashes. We can wash the eyeslash after 24 hours.

I got free treatment too! A simple yet cute nail art for my mini nails. I choose Angel From Above color from Perfect Match, the really sky blue color and she shave my eyebrow till neat and pretty! OMG very big thank you Kartika! Overall, I love the service I love the result of my new lashes, I love the nail art and my new totally neat eyebrow. Here is her contact, simple click the name :

Instagram : Kartika Xu MUA
Lashes Extension : IDR 250K
Nail Art : IDR 150K
0811 2570 911/Line : Kartikaxu

By the way, use my code on Sociolla SBNLARC4 at the check out. I'm pretty sure so many good offer to die for! Next review I'm gonna shop at Sociolla and post it. Just wait for my newest review post. I will review a lot about Sociolla! ♥