Feb 12, 2018


My 2018 bare face after 6 months acne treatment :) and ready to attack those who talk bad about my acne :) :)
I'm six months free from cosmetics and ready to free from acne!

Hey guys, Happy New Year! Hapy 2018! Welcome back to my blog!

Without further ado, lets start!
Opening my own store must be a very great moment for me, Yes, I opened my Bake Supplies store since April 2017. My past 3 months was rough, it’s not about the selling, it’s all about my face. I’ve dealing with acne since high school, and I’ve cured them more than.. times, I don't know. I've tried my best. One time it’s works and then the acne keep coming back like your old ex. *kidding*

I’ve seen the greatest skin doctor in town (they said) but I have no idea why this fuckin pimples keep coming back like can you just go to another girl’s face than mine? Ya already pop my face out till nowhere to pop, ain’t you?

If you want to judge how ugly I am then judge, or if you wanna judge how dark my skin is then judge, but sorry not for my acne, everyone has their own story so I am. I hate when someone starting to talk about my acne, I truly deeply said I hate it, I can’t accept it. Why? Because I put million effort in my face, not to mention how hurt my heart, how sad I am, how I can’t barely face my family when it comes to my acne. 
You know, when I meet new people, especially “mature woman” as old as we can call her Mum or Aunty, then they start a conversation with my acne, and I already lose the respect. Can you feel it when what just happen to me, happen to your daughter directly? Sometimes their words just too mean. Even when I have a chance to choose how my hormone is, I will choose the very very good  one not the sensitive one that try to pop your face out with acne, oh please, you have no right to judge, are you God or something? Or Demi God maybe? Jezz people right now not to support each other but keep judging each other.

When it comes to an acne, this thing as sensitive as talkin about money. I don’t hate my face because I have a lot of acne, but I hate the fact that people can’t accept just like we accept our self. They said we can’t take care of our face. Helooooooooooo if I can’t than it doesn’t mean I don’t do anything to cure my acne. For God sake, don’t even mention “try to put on a tomato or cucumber on my face. Why don’t you suggest chili too on my face so I can burn your mouth instead.

If you feel ugly because your acne, prove them wrong, you are beautiful the way you are. It’s normal. If you have Nodule, Cystic, Papule, Blackhead, Whitehead or what ever they named it, it’s okay, it’s normal! For those who tried everything but haven’t found the right skin care, it’s okay! For those who already cure because of that tutti fruity vegetable things, congratulation! Seriously, instead of crying my self down, I had to realize, that’s part of my self that not perfect, but I have great mind, great body, great skin tone and a lot of to be blessed than cryin on those acne that solve nothing. I feel sad too sometimes, it’s okay. It’s totally okay.

For me, I don’t have any food harm. Doctor said maybe I allergic to gluten or some food with flour, but I’m not, When I’m not eating it for barely 2 weeks, I still have new acne on my face. I do eat seafood, egg, but not nuts (because I don’t really like it), and all of those things that they said we can’t eat. But I ate it. ATE IT. A T E. And sometimes when I ate it, there’s nothing wrong with my skin. So, it’s all about hormone, stress, hygiene and nutrition. I believe in it.

So, these past 3 months I thought this is the right time to see doctor because my acne not getting better and keep going worse day by day, I decided to go to The Aesthetic, not sure why. When I come, they just 10 days opened, and they had a lot of promotion to try on. I already google it my self before I came, I read the testimonials, I’m searching what kind of treatment they had and how’s the result.

I already tried a lot of their treatments, not only face, but also for my body.
Here is the list of my face treatments since August 2017;

1. Bluepeeling
2. PDT Light Treatment (we can choose the colors! but each color has their own effect)
3. Acne Injection (for the big and super red acne)
4. Platelet Rich Plasma (Vampire Facial)
5. Intense Pulse Light Acne Therapy
6. Casmara Mask

Result? This is not the honest review things for me or any sponsorship, this is the dream come true, even though the treatment is not all done, I already happy. I only got 3 acne in month only when I have my period, my skin start to heal and not dull. Next step? Make them glow! Wohoooooo

6 months waiting for the healthier skin, I'm more than patience, no pain no gain right? 


1. How long is the treatment?
You just need to spare 3 hours/month of your life, go to the clinic, ask for skin consultation and it takes (for me) 6 months to cure my kind of acne of course with skin care apply and healthy life style. Plus because I'm the girl with motorbike, I'm no longer using full-face helmet because it makes my acne worst.
2. Is the result permanent?
Yes! If you take it seriously.
3. How much the treatment cost?
I know, this is the hardest part, need more time to consider.
My treatment cost IDR 10.150k for 6 months including mask and skin care.
But, seriously the result is worth every penny.
4. Is that hurt?
If you talking about PRP than the answer is no because our faces will be anesthetized by doctor. My weakest and my most hurtful part only when the blackheads extraction. Seriously the pain kills from inside *cry*
5. Am I satisfied?
Yes! Yes and Yes! I know I only reach the half part of my treatment, everything that comes out good need patience, it takes time. My face look A LOT better than 6 months ago, my skin became more healthier than 6 months ago, so what another word that can describe how happy I am right now? How grateful I am. Maybe I'm not spending my 10.000k for make up products or clothes or traveling or anything else that can make me happy. But this 10.000k is the note that my struggle is real!

So, thankyou dr. Theresia Merdeka Putri! You are my life savior! Thank you all of The Aesthetics Pekanbaru Beauticians for taking care of my face, you are all super!

Check out their instagram : @theaesthetics_pekanbaru
I'm pretty sure that you will satisfied by their service, their kinds of treatments and their great staffs!
Taking my skin care to the next level, yaaay! Skin care for acne scar, yes ACNE SCAR! :)
Feel free to ask me about the treatment! 
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Aug 28, 2017

SOLUSI Organic Renewage By Martha Tilaar

Hello, welcome back to my blog. Few weeks ago I got a package from Sociolla. It's a Solusi Organic Renewage by Martha Tilaar. The first green legit Indonesia product that worth some great opinion. the product range of Sariayu Solutions Organic Revolution Renewage contains organic natural ingredients that have been certified by ECOCERT, an organic certification body established in 1991 in France and internationally recognized. ECOCERT is responsible for examining and certifying natural and organic products including cosmetics in 80 countries. 

Sariayu Solutions Revolution Renewage product range does not use chemicals that can harm the body. Sariayu Organic Revolution Solution Renewage is a natural remedy for beautiful skin care.
Solusi Face Cleanser - Rp 250.000,-
First product that we used after a whole day activities, this face cleanser contain grape seeds and licorice extract. I love the packaging of this product not just one but whole, since they had a green one than means go green and earth at all. The cleanser is creamy like milky cleanser and I'm sooo love  because they are easy to apply. Simple massage on your face and use cotton to rub the dirt.
Solusi Face Wash - Rp 148.500,-
The one that I loveeee so much. I know this is an anti aging product not an acne care product but it suits me pretty well. I love the organic scent and the smooth finish. It's a little bit different if I can compare it with my acne cleans from doctor.

Solusi Face Toner - Rp 230.000,-
The face toner just look like the face cleanser. For faces with large pores like meine, this product will be perfect for cleansing 1 more time before I apply my next skin care. No alcohol, the toner does not give a sensation of pain like another toner.
Solusi Moisture Lotion - Rp 250.000,- 
Simple way to have your face covered without hesitation of dirt. Basically when I have my lotion done, I have a "safe" sensation when I apply my makeup. I feel like okay now I can go out. I'm not "naked" anymore. Easily absorbed.
Solusi Night Cream - Rp 300.000,-
Your night bestie! I can't say that I love the packaging but why almost all of my night cream just the same like this. I prefer the tube one. It's suits oily skin perfectly.

Overall I love this product especially the face wash and lotion, OH-SO-YES to repurchase!
SOLUTION Organic Renewage is 99.5% natural origin, 17.5% organic, vegan, no paraben, no mineral oil, no animal testing, environmentally friendly & certainly HALAL. Got this on SociollaAnyway, if you want to shop Sociolla, don't forget to use my code SBNLARC4 to get Rp 50.000,- off discount with minimal purchase Rp 250.000

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